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Combat Instructions of the Eighth Guards Army to the 16th Motorized Rifle Division


1. The 16th Motorized Rifle Division is confronted by elements of the US 3rd Armored Division, including the 2nd Brigade, and by one squadron of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. The enemy will occupy a strong covering force area between the Fulda River and the national boundary. The enemy main line of resistance is along the Fulda river and ridge lines between ___ and ___.

2. The 16th Motorized Rifle Division reinforced with 5 artillery battalions, army anti-tank battalion, and enginner pontoon bridge regiment

Advances from the line Untersuhl - Dippach on the border and penetrates the enemy covering force area. It conducts a crossing of the Fulda River between Blankenheim and Bad Hersfeld and by breaking the enemy's defense line between Ludwigsau and Bad Hersfeld launches the main blow in the direction Borndorf - Bad Hersfeld - Wetzlar - Simmern to destroy the enemy's main forces in the area Ana, Reckerode,Bad Hersfeld, Tann. By ---hrs reach the line of the immediate mission between Saasen, Rotterterode and Kirchheim. Subsequently advance in the direction Obersala - Ottrau to destroy on the march the enemy's arriving reserves in the area Newkirchen, Ottrau, Kirchheim, and Sassen; and by ___ hrs seize the line of the subsequent mission between Neukirchen - Kleinropperhausen - Ottrau - Hill 792. Then advance in the direction ___, ___ and by the end of the day seize the line Wahlen - Kirtorf - Hill 384 - Romrod. Prepare for advance on the axis ___, ___ on the following day.

The division will form a forward detachment of a motorized rifle regiment reenforced with 1 artillery battalion. The detachement will destroy enemy covering forces in the region Ronshansen - Blankenheim - Kathaus - Honebach.

Alloted for the conduct of the operation are __ nuclear, __ chemical, __ conventional missile warheads.

In the case that the initial nuclear strike is directed the division will use __- nuclear and ___ chemical rounds in the first strike. Priority targets will be ___.

The division FUP area is Dollstgadt - Aschara - Warza - Witterda.

Position the command post in the Westhausen area, and the rear control post in the Grossfahner area.

3. The Eighth Guards Army forces will _____

~The army artillery group will destroy targets at --- enemy brigade and corps artillery units

The army anti-=tank reserve will be located at Bad Salzungen and prepared to shift to Bad Hersfeld.

The mobile obstacle detachment will move on the division right flank to cover against counterattacks.

The army PVO will cover the crossing of the Fulda river.

4. Adjacent forces

On the right is the___ Division of the First Guards Tank Army

Their main attack axis is __- to ___

The boundary with them follows the line Eilenburt - E 11 o 34' - Eisenach - Mast 2474 - N 51o 13' - 1427 (E 80 26', N 50o 8') - Rhine at Neuwied.

On the left is the 18th Motorized Rifle division

Their main attack axis is Wera to Alsfeld.

The boundary with them follows the line .

5. The army command post is located at Lindingshaf.

The army command post, forward command post, and the rear control post move forward in the direction of Bad hersfeld - Lauterbach_.

Deputies: the army chief of staff, the first deputy commander of the army, and the chief of the political directorate.

Communications are organized with all control points through radio, radio-relay, telephone-telegraph, with subordinates, neighbors and units interacting with yours.

The division commander will report his decision to the army commander at ___ hrs. The division will be prepared to initiate the offensive by ___ hrs.


1.  Chief of the Operational Directorate

2.  Army Chief of Staff

3.  Army Commander