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Combat Instructions of the ------- Army

to the ----Motorized Rifle Division


1. The --- Motorized Rifle Division is confronted by elements of the -----. The enemy will occupy a strong covering force area between -----------------------. The enemy main line of resistance is along ------------------ between ___ and ___.

2. The --- Motorized Rifle Division reinforced with 5 artillery battalions, army anti-tank battalion, and enginer pontoon bridge regiment

Advances from the line ----- on the border and penetrates the enemy covering force area. It conducts a crossing of the ---- River between ----------------- and ---------- and by breaking the enemy's defense line between ------ and ------------ launches the main blow in the direction -------------- to destroy the enemy's main forces in the area---------------. By ---hrs reach the line of the immediate mission between ------------ and --------------. Subsequently advance in the direction ----------- to destroy on the march the enemy's arriving reserves in the area --------------; and by ___ hrs seize the line of the subsequent mission between ---------------. Then advance in the direction ___, ___ and by the end of the day seize the line -----------------. Prepare for advance on the axis ___, ___ on the following day.

The division will form a forward detachment of a motorized rifle regiment reenforced with 1 artillery battalion. The detachement will destroy enemy covering forces in the region -------------------------------.

Alloted for the conduct of the operation are __ nuclear, __ chemical, __ conventional missile warheads.

In the case that the initial nuclear strike is directed the division will use __- nuclear and ___ chemical rounds in the first strike. Priority targets will be ___.

The division FUP area is --------------------------.

Position the command post in the ------------- area, and the rear control post in the --------------- area.

3. The Eighth Guards Army forces will

~The army artillery group will destroy targets at --- enemy brigade and corps artillery units

The army anti-=tank reserve will be located at -------------and prepared to shift to ---------.

The mobile obstacle detachment will move on the division right flank to cover against counterattacks.

The army PVO will cover the crossing of the ------------- river.

4. Adjacent forces

On the right is the___ Division of the First Guards Tank Army

Their main attack axis is __- to ___

The boundary with them follows the line--------------------.

On the left is the ----Motorized Rifle division

Their main attack axis is -------------.

The boundary with them follows the line .

5. The army command post is located at --------------------.

The army command post, forward command post, and the rear control post move forward in the direction of -------------- - .

Deputies: the army chief of staff, the first deputy commander of the army, and the chief of the political directorate.

Communications are organized with all control points through radio, radio-relay, telephone-telegraph, with subordinates, neighbors and units interacting with yours.

The division commander will report his decision to the army commander at ___ hrs. The division will be prepared to initiate the offensive by ___ hrs.


1.  Chief of the Operational Directorate

2.  Army Chief of Staff

3.  Army Commander