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Events Time



Division Commander

and Staff

MARCHING COLUMNS OF THE DIVISION Enemy Actions Possible Friendly Forces Counter actions
No 1 No 2 No 3
Recon FD AG Main Body Recon AG Main Body Recon AG Main Body
Recon. moves to S.L. H - 3:00


Last (final) control of the recon elements.

Control of the deployment of commandant service elements.

AG moves to S.L.

Deep Recon dropped in depth.

Prepares for march. March prep. March prep. (R.G.)

Deep Recon. may be dropped in depth.

Moves to S.L. March prep. March prep. Div. Recon. elements move to S.L., deep Recon. G.P. may be dropped. March prep. March prep. Advance elements move. May launch air strikes against friendly assembly areas. Continued air cover of march.
Recon crosses S.L. H - 2:30


Control of the forming of subordinate troops for march.

Analyze air recon reports on enemy.

Crosses S.L. Moves to S.L. March prep. March prep. Crosses S.L. March prep. March prep. Passes S.L. Moves to S.L. March prep. Advance elements increase speed to seize important lines before Div. forces reach them.
FD crosses S.L. H - 2:00


Decide to delay the enemy by strikes of friendly air force supporting the move. Moves 15 km. Crosses the S.L. March prep. Start to form up column. March prep. Moves 15 km. Starts to form up column. March prep. Division Recon. move 15 km. Regt. Recon. crosses S.L. Starts forming up columns. March prep. Continues to move to important lines and may cover bridges by fighter aircraft. Continue move and surveilance of enemy. Delay enemy by air strike. Special Recon. to be ready to blow up bridges.
Deep recon contacts enemy. H - 1:30


Check the result of air strikes on the enemy, contact deep Recon to be prepared to blow up bridge, staff supervises movement to S.L. Moves 30 km. Deep Recon reports enemy Recon crosses the river. Captured enemy soldier says that their troops want to reach the Green pass before the enemy. Moves 15 km. Forms Column. March prep. Moves 30 km. Moves to S.L. March prep. Div. Recon. moves 30 km. Regt. Recon. moves 15 km. Moves to S.L. March prep. Enemy columns delayed by air strike for 20-30 minutes. Enemy may decide to delay Div. forces by air strikes and airborne assault. Continue move. Intensify air cover at the S.L., and watch for enemy possible airborne troops at the Green Pass.
A.G. crosses S.L.

Enemy air attack.

H - 1:00


Analyse enemy action after airstrike, assess the damage of enemy strikes on F.D. and A.G. of Column 2, supervise move. Moves 45 km.

Deep Recon. reports of enemy resuming movement after 30 minutes delay.

Number of vehicles 70, 60, 56 on 1,2,3, routes respect-


Moves 30 km.

Hit by enemy airstrike. May be delayed for 20 minutes, 1 tank and 2 APC, 2 guns damaged.

Moves to S.L. Forward element form up column for move. Moves 45 km.

Intercepts an enemy subver-

sive group.

Crosses S.L., hit by enemy air strike, a 20 minute delay expected. 2 tanks, 1 APC, 2 guns, 3 trucks destroyed or damaged. Forward elements form up column for move. Dive Recon. moves 45 km., intercepts enemy agents trying to blow up a bridge. Regt. Recon. moves 30 km. Crosses S.L. Forward elements form up column for march. Resume movement, air strikes on Div. FD and AG may launch airborne assault unit to seize Green Pass. Expedite actions to resume move on 1 and 3 routes after enemy air strike. Consider blowing up bridge on Sandy River.
Main body moves to S.L. Air attacks by both sides. H-0:30


Based on the assessment that enemy column on route 1 can reach Green Pass at least 30 minutes ahead of Div FD, enemy must be further delayed, Div. CO. decides to blow bridge. Moves 60 km. Destroys diversion group which has just blown a bridge.

Recon. marks the detour route. Deep Recon blows up bridges, supple-mented by air strike.

Resumed march 10 minutes earlier. Now covered 35 km. Detaches engineer elements to prepare detour route at the destroyed bridge. Crosses S.L. Moves to S.L. under air cover. Moves 60 km.

Finds out two over-passes destroyed by enemy airstrike, marks detour routes.

Assumed march at 0545 after enemy air strike, moved 10 km. Detaches engineer platoon to clear the road hit by enemy air strike. Various elements move to S.L. from 0545-0600. Move 45-60 km report on destruction on the road and bridge. Moves 15 km. Moves to S.L. Advance elements move to a distance of 10 km from Sandy River. Enemy Recon reaches high ground on routes 1, 2. Blow up bridges on Sandy River to delay the enemy. Move engineer elements to repair the damages on the roads.
Main body crosses S.L. H -Hr


Assess damage of the bridges on Sandy River.

Intensify march supporting measures.

Take action on higher echelon Recon reports that enemy has embarked an airborne detachment.

Moves 75 km. Detects location of enemy Recon to be 10-15 km away. Detaches extra patrols to the flanks. Moves 50 km.

Delayed 10 min at detours.

Moves 15 km.

T.R. arty Bn.

Moves 15 km.

T.R. H.Q. along with air defense battery and regiment reserves, crosses the S.L. Moves 75 km. Detaches more patrols as contact with enemy Recon becomes closer. Moves 30 km without being delayed at the destroyed area. Divisional A.T.M.R and MOD (POZ) move 15 km. Div HQ crosses the S.L. along with an air defense battery and div. reserves, followed by arty regt, MRL and rocket battalions. Div. Recon. moves 75 km. Detaches

patrols to the flanks, Regt. Recon. moves 60 km detaches more patrols to the left flank.

Moves 30 km. Regt. A.T.M.R and MOD (POZ) move 15 km. Regt. HQ with air defense battery and Regt. reserves cross the S.L. followed by mortar bn. of Div Arty. Enemy prepares to cross the Sandy River near the destroyed bridges by using crossing means. Moves airborne troops to seize Green Pass. Recon. closest to contact. FD instructed how to act if enemy succeed in seizing Green Pass. Fighter aircraft rush to destroy enemy airborne units in the air.
Combat of forward detach-ment. H + 0:30


Follow enemy situation, particuarly possible enemy airborne landing at Green Pass, assign new missions to Recon, recieve report of contact from Recon groups. Moves 90 km. reports contact with the enemy.

Recon 20 km east of Green Pass, 2 patrols move to the pass.

Moves 65 km. No serious delays, Recon patrols detached to the flanks. Increases speed to 40-45 km/hr. Moves 30 km. Detach-

es right flank party.

Head of the column moves 15 km, last Bn. crosses S.L. Moves 90 km, reports contact. Enemy patrol destroyed- one patrol checked, #3 patrol increase speed to the depth. Moves 45 km.

Advance party increase speed to destroy enemy Recon.

Div. A.T.R. and MOD (POZ) move 30 km.

Div. H.Q. moves 15 km. followed by Arty. 1 M.R.R.'s head of the column crosses the S.L. Div. Recon by pass enemy recon. det. Regt. recon moves to destroy enemy recon. Moves 45 km. Regt. A.T.R. and M.O.D. (P.O.Z.) move 30 km. Regt. H.Q. moves 15 km, 2nd Bn. crosses the S.L. Delayed at the Sandy River, main body moves 30 km west and south of Sandy River.

Airborne assault likely.

Launch air strikes on enemy main body, instruct security to destroy known enemy.

Recon. elements instruct F.D. to move fast and destroy enemy in meeting engagement.

H + 1:00


As above deputy Div. Co. flies to F.D. Forward patrols move 110 km to Green Pass, report 2 enemy helicopter landing west of Green Pass. Moves at max speed. It is now 90 km from S.L., Security elements destroy 2 enemy patrols. Moves 45 km.

No delay.

Head moves 30 km.

Rear service column clears S.L.

Forward patrols move 100-110 km to high ground south of Green Pass.

No enemy activity East of Sandy River. Helicop-ters fly to the north.

Moves 60 km.

Advance party destroys enemy Recon. at 75 km, west of S.L.

Head moves 30 km.

Last Bn. of 1 M.R.R. crosses S.L.

Div. Recon. moves 110 km, destroys enemy and detects fougases on the road

Regt Recon. destroys enemy patrol 7 km-west of S.L.

Moves 60 km.

Mobile move-ment support detach-

ment (OOD) moves to clear the road, A.T.R. + M.O.D. move 45 km.

Head moves 30 km.

Head of regt. rear service column crosses the S.L.

Advance elements in process of crossing the Sandy River.

Enemy main body delayed for 30 minutes after air strike, air assault troops moved to Green Pass.

Air strike on enemy advance elements on route 1, East of Sandy River, to isolate it from possible enemy air assault troops.
H + 1:30


Troop control of F.D. combat action at Green Pass, and accordingly adjust the concept of operations for the probable contact with the enemy.

Deep Recon instructed to move west of Sandy River and report on enemy main body.

Recon moves close to Sandy River and reports on the enemy advance elements as they cross the river, other patrols report the landing of several waves of helicopter groups each numbering to 12-16. Advance party locates an enemy group west of Green Pass, opens fire, main body begins deploy-

ment at Green Pass to attack the advancing air landing enemy.

Moves 65 km.

Destroys 1 enemy patrol.

Head moves (at an increased speed)

50 km from S.L.

Recon moves to the vicinity of Sandy River, reports on the slow process of enemy crossing, all together 60-70 APC's and 30 tanks. Increases speed, moves 80 km from S.L.

Advance party and (OOD) repairs part of a destroyed road and resume march.

Head moves 50 km, H.Q. of 3 M.R.R. crosses the S.L. Div. Recon moves to the Sandy river destroys an enemy patrol and capture a P.O.W., reports enemy forward elements crossing Sandy River. Moves at an increased speed, 80 km from S.L. Suffers an enemy rocket attack loses 2 vehicles and 1 gun, no major delay. Head moves 50 km from S.L.

Divisional rear services column closes to S.L.

As enemy leading elements cross the Sandy River and move eastward, a battalion size unit is air landed at the Green Pass.

The battalion tries to seize the pass in the face of advancing enemy troops.

Forward detachment instructed to deploy and deny the seizure of the pass to enemy.

Check the enemy and establish defense on the pass.

Advance guard combat and deployment of main body H + 2:30


Adjust the deployment of the main body according to the situation, air cover, move arty quickly in position.

Control the combat of advance guard and forward detachment.

Recon reports the reserves of enemy on route 1, moves to the Green Pass. The activity of main enemy forces concen-trated on route 2 and 3 Holds position against heavy attacks of the enemy.

Attack of airborne troops repelled, new enemy troops (a Bn. +) deploys to attack the Green Pass from the front and left flank.

Moved 90 km., then moved to the area left of the road to check the flank guard of enemy. Advance guard on route 2 entered combat with the enemy at 8:30. Tank regiment H.Q. moves in position. Arty. battalion moves to deploy in position.

Tank battalions clear the road and move to the right to follow assigned deployment routes.

Reports enemy main column crossing Sandy River and move at high speed

eastward. Several battalion sized units are seen in the main column.

Contacted the enemy at 8:30, both sides deployed simultan-eously.

Combat action continues with each side firing from position.

Division H.Q. moves into position, Arty. and rocket battalion begin to deploy at the vicinity of the road about 85 km from S.L.

Div. A.T.R. and POZ deployed at the left flank of A.G., 3 M.R.R. H.Q. and Arty. rushes to position.

Reports enemy main column crossing Sandy River and move at a high speed to the east.

4 to 5 batalions are seen in the column.

Contact the enemy at 9:20.

It deployed and tried to attack the enemy from the left flank.

However enemy also deployed in that direction and both sides met each other with a frontal blow, fight continues.

2 M.R.R. H.Q. move into position, Arty. begin to deploy into position.

The regt. A.T.R. and POZ. deployed at the left flank of the advance guard.

Leading elements deploy and fight enemy advance quards on routes 2 and 3, column moving on route 1 deploys to reinforce

the repelled attack of airborne unit at Green Pass, main body crosses Sandy River on route 2 and 3. Troops from route 1 switched to route 2.

Launch air strikes on enemy column crossing Sandy River

and open fire not later than 9:45 on the enemy's main column.

Arty strike and begin combat of main body. H + 4:00


Command and control the combat of the main body to destroy the enemy in meeting engagement, support the action of F.D. at Green Pass Reports movement of new reinforce-ment to the high ground south of Green Pass. Holds against renewed attack of superior enemy forces, threat also comes from the left flank. F.D. is instructed to hold the pass at least until 12:30. Covers the left flank of the tank regiment as the main body of the regiment launch-

es the blow from the right

Deployed at 10:00 under the cover of Arty, fire opened at 9:40 Launched attack on the left flank of the enemy and advanced 2-3 km Reports enemy reserve cross the Sandy River and report on the location of enemy Arty. positions and command posts. Attacks the enemy from the front, as the main body of the division launched its blows from the right flank Arty. opened fire at 9:45 while main body of 1 M.R.R. deployed under the cover of a 15 min. Arty. strike and launched the attack 10:00 against the enemy who were in the process of deployment, the regt, advanced 2-3 km Reports enemy rear services move into position east of Sandy River. Moved into attack from the front as the main body of 2.M.R.R., launched its attack from the right flank Arty. opened fire at 9:40, main body deployed. Arty. fire cover at 9:55 and attacked the enemy while it was still in pre combat formation

Regt. advanced 2-3 km.

While the advanced elements engaged enemy advanced quards, the main body crosses the Sandy river.

Troops renewed attack on Green pass

While main body deployed on route 2 and 3 to meet the blow of the enemy.

Launch air strikes and use airborne troops to isolate eneny troops from it's reserves located West of Sandy River.

Complete destruction of enemy east of the river

Immediate mission of regts and commit-ment of reserves. H + 6:00


Troop control of Division meeting engagement to accomplish regiments immediate mission, and the commitment of 3 M.R.R. Reports enemy column about 6 km. deep. Moves to Sandy River. After suffering heavy losses, enemy attack from the front and left flank. The F.D. lost most of the Green Pass to the enemy and holds eastern slopes. See Main Body Continues the attack, by 11:30 it blocked an enemy column which was trying to envelope the Green Pass from the rear.

12 T.R. accomplish-ed it's immediate mission, destroyed 35 enemy tanks and captured and destroyed one Arty. Bn.

Reports enemy columns moving on the road about 30 km. west of Sandy River. See Main Body Continues the attack, destroyed about 2 enemy companies and an Arty. Bn. Enemy has withdrawn to another line. The regiment has accomplished immediate mission.

The 3 M.R.R. has arrived and is deploying for commitment.

The division and 1.M.R.R. Arty. cover the deployment.

Reports less activity in depth on route 3. Some columns switched to northern routes. See Main Body Continues the attack, destoyed 3 enemy companies and captured 2 mortar batteries and an Arty. battery, 2 M.R.R. accomplish-ed it's immediate mission. Taking advantage of advance in the direction of Green Pass. The reserves are moved to envelope the commited formation of 5 M.R.D. from the north.

For this purpose enemy reserves move in the direction of Green Pass across the Sandy River.

Delay the enemy reserve on route 1.

Commit division reserve to reinforce the F.D. at Green Pass and help it hold against the enemy pressure.

Commit 3 M.R.R. at the right flank of 12 T.R. to strike the enemy grouping at the Green pass from the flank and destroy the enemy reserves in meeting engagement west of the pass.

Immediate mission of division and continue attack to point when meeting engage-

ment changes into other form.

H + 10


Plan and Control the combat action of the division to complete the destruction of the enemy East of Sandy River, to conduct pursuit of retreating enemy and to conduct a hasty assault river crossing over Sandy River. Reports enemy Arty. moving in to position west of Sandy River.

Enemy column in pre-

combat formation moves to the river.

Resumed attack after

3 M.R.R. reached the rear of the enemy and the enemy on the Green Pass began to withdraw to high ground.

The F.D. dislodged the enemy with the help of division reserve and now it completes the destruc-

tion of the enemy encircled west of Green Pass.

See main body. Continued the attack after the commitment of 3 M.R.R. into combat. 12 T.R. sent forward detachment on route 2 to Sandy River to prevent crossing of enemy reserves.

After the accomplishment of division immediate mission the 12 TR continued the destruction of divided grouping of the enemy.

Reports heavy activity west of Sandy River. Arty. and command posts deploy and enemy prepares for attack. See Main Body Continued the attack, destroyed enemy columns in it's sector. Divisional immediate mission is accomplished. 1.M.R.R. sent Forward detachment along route 3 to Sandy River to prevent enemy crossing. The forward line of friendly troops is 15 km east of the Sandy

River. The 3 M.R.R. struck the enemy from the left and met enemy reserves moving to Green Pass along route 1 in a meeting engagement.

Reports on enemy deployment west of Sandy River with elements of retreating enemy taking position on the river. See main body Continued the attack and destroyed enemy columns in it's sector in pieces. Small enemy groupings encircled and part of 2 M.R.R.

completes their destruction.

The regiment has sent forward detachment to the river. Forward line of the main body 20km east of Sandy River.

After suffering heavy losses east of Sandy River and as the reserve moving to Green Pass delayed by getting involved in a meeting engagement, the enemy decided to take up the defense on the Sandy River until operational reserves arrive. While part of the combat formation continues to destroy isolated enemy groups encircled in different areas, advance detachments of regiments should seize crossing sites on the Sandy River in cooperation with tactical airborne troops. The main body pursues the enemy on parallel routes and conducts assault river crossing over Sandy River.