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This is the general outline of the content of the lecture course on the methods for achieving troop control - in US terms 'command and control'.


Outline of general measures for troop control - 2 hrs course

essence of troop control

principles of troop control

system of troop control

basis for control and requirements for troop control in contemporary times

command posts

measures for support and the interactive changes between them

sequence for movement and redployingcommand posts during the operation

missions and responsibilities of commander, staff, chiefs of combat arms, special troops, and services;

organization of troop control during the operation


Troop control of division during the offensive: 3 hrs

structure and organization of troop control

actions of division commander and staff and control organs during preparation of offensive battle:

making decision

planning offensive

issuing mission

organization of interaction;

organization of combat support;

actions of commander and staff and control organs during the offensive battle:

passage through the covering force area;

during meeting battle;

during breakthrough enemy defense;

during repelling counter-attacks;

during commitment into battle of second echelon;

during forcing water obstacles;

during preparation for next day battle;


Troop control of army during preparation for offensive: 8 hrs

structure andorganization of army troop control organs;

actions of commander and staff during preparation for the operation:

methods for actions of commander and staff during preparation for offensive;

making the decision;

clarification of mission;

calculation of time;

acquaiting chief of staff and chiefs of combat arms with the received mission;

initial instructions;

preparation ofcalendar plan;

estimate of situation;

estimate of enemy;

2 estimate of own forces;

assessment of socio-political situation of pouplation; economic assessment, assement of weather, time of year and daylight.

making the decision:

issuing missions to subordinate

planning operation:

organizing interaction;

organization of combat support;

control of forces' actions;

organization of troop control:

measures on secure secret troop control;

system of troop control;

signal system;

collection of situation data;

commandant's service;

secret troop control;

Trooop control of army during course of the operation:

bringing forces to full combat readiness;

control during the beginning of the operation;

control of repelling enemy attack;

control during going over to the offensive;

control during meeting engagement;

control during breakthrough of enemy prepared position;

control during repulsing enemy counterattack during operation;

control during commitment of second echelon into engagement;

control of forcing water crossing.


Troop control of front during offensive operations 3 hrs


Practical at level of army and front

Clarification of mission

calculation of time;

writing initial instructions when commander prepares concept of operation;

suggestions on estimate of enemy by cheif of reconnaissance;

suggestions on own forces by chief of operations directorate;

suggestions of chief of artillery, PVO, engineer, rear, and otehrs

write operational directive;

commitment of second echelon;

estimate of enemy by chief of reconnaissance

assessment of one forces by chief of operations;

sugggestions on employment of artillery and rockets by chief

conduct of calculations correlation of forces and means, movement of forces calculate march deployment and commitment of second echelon

making decision by chief of front for army , army commander for 2nd echelon division.

produce decision on the map

organization of interaction;

organization of combat support;

organization of troop control