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Saturday - May 26 - After breakfast we walk a few blocks to Catholic Church, since we won't be able to attend Mass on Sunday. The Chinese priest conducts a standard service in a large but plain church. There are several dozen worshipers. It is so hot already I am soaked just from the walk. On the way back to the hotel I buy a nice leather wallet at a temporary stand on a street full of similar stands selling leather goods. After a morning rest we pack the bags and weigh them for first time on a scale provided by the hotel. This is necessary since we are about to fly to Hong Kong under different weight rules. We shift some items to hand luggage to meet the weight limitations. We depart the hotel for another Chinese luncheon with 7 main courses at another hotel restaurant. Then we visit the Seven Star Park across the Li River. The park has limestone caverns, but we don't have time to visit. We take photos with Miao girls dressed in traditionaly finery. Then we drive to the Reed Flute Cave. The entrance is up 250 steps through a throng of local sellers. There is the usual huge crowd. The cavern itself is well lit with colored lights that bring out the beauty of the limestone formations. The path down has been built of concrete with many steps. The whole is well worth its advertising. Then we drive back to the airport. Again, we don't have to handle the checked luggage and our guide, Kelly, has all the boarding passes in hand. Other Americans and Europeans are standing in long lines at the check-in counters. The flight departs at 1840 on Hong Kong Airline Boeing737-800. The seats are narrow but not impossible. Service provides one cup cake and one cup of Coke. The Hong Kong airport is fantastic. Here we do have to find our own bags but Vantage then takes them directly to our hotel rooms. This is another incredible modern hotel - The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers, 33 Canton Road, Tsim shat sui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It may be the most spectacular hotel of all we visit. The lobby has 3 clerks at one desk and 6 at another. There are 2 doormen plus porters all over. A distinguished gentleman in an expensive looking suit is standing and watching discretely all that is going on. It is on top of the harbor ferry building. Our room on the 18th floor overlooks the harbor and downtown Hong Kong opposite. The highway from airport is long but a super highway. It is overcast and raining so we don't venture out to explore.


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