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Sunday - 27 May - Up at 0600 to see it is raining outside. Breakfast as usual in gorgeous, modernistic hotel restaurant. Then we go on bus tour of Hong Kong as the rain conveniently stops. The bus goes through a tunnel under the harbor on expressways to the Finicular railroad station part way up the mountain behind downtown Hong Kong. We ride to the top of Victoria Peak. As usual our excellent guide, Kelly, has planned for us to arrive ahead of the mass of tourists. The railroad is very steep, having been built in the 1880's. At the top there are the usual restaurants and shops, expensive boutique places. The view is spectacular, over Hong Kong, the harbor and Kowloon. Also there is a fine view in the opposite direction toward Repulse Bay. Then we return down the mountain by bus and to the north side of the mountain to Aberdeen fishing town and resort. Here here are various exclusive clubs and private, international schools. There are tennis clubs and swimming pools for the wealthy. At a dock we board a sampan for a brief trip around the harbor. Through the harbor we pass huge, million-plus yachts, Chinese junks and house boats plus a large fishing fleet. There are several very gaudy floating restaurants. Then we travel by bus around the bay to the Repulse Bay beach area. Here there is a modern temple with large statues of God of Wisdom and Goddess of Mercy. It is very hot. The bus travels back through a mountain tunnel and then through the tunnel under the harbor to reach the hotel. We hope to visit several museums, but the heavy rain dissuades us. We were fortunate to go to Victoria Peak in the morning before the rain returned. We could not even see Hong Kong itself across the harbor from our hotel room. Instead we walk through the many shops that can be reached without going outside. The large mall and ferry station are all part of the same hotel complex. Our final dinner is at 1900. Everyone is excited. We have a fine American menu of roast beef and another birthday cake. After dinner the rain has let up. So we walk out on the ferry boat pier and admire the lights all around the harbor. Then we pack for the last time.


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