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Alexander Chronology


Locations and events

359 B. C.

Philip becomes king of Macedon - war with Illyrians


War of the Allies - Athens versus islands -

356 summer

Birth of Alexander III


Philip gains allegiance of Thracians - campaigns in Thrace -

355 - 352

Sacred War -


Olynthian War


Sacred War


Philip sieges and takes Byzantium and entire Athenian annual grain fleet


Battle of Chaeronea - Philip gets himself elected leader in 337 for a campaign against Persia


Philip sends advance party to Asia Minor - probably 10,000 infantry and1,500 cavalry

336 B.C.

King Philip assassinated

336 B..C. Fall

Alexander in Macedon

335 Spring

Campaign in Balkans

335 Fall

In Macedonia again

334 Spring

Cross Hellespont - Battle of Granicus - start march down the coast of Ionia

334 Summer

Campaign to Sardis, Ephesus - Miletus - Halicarnassus - send Parmenon back to Sardis

334 Fall

Campaign to Caria, Lycia,

334-333 Winter

Lycia - Phaselus - sends newly married Macedonians home for R&R over winter

333 Spring

Campaign back to Gordion -army reunited - Then back through Cilician gates to Tarsus

333 Spring

Persian naval war in Aegean

333 Fall

Campaign march from Mallos to Issus - Battle at Issus

333 Fall

Persian Navy aids King Agis III of Sparta

333 Fall

Capture of Damascus and Marathos

333-332 Winter

7 month siege of Tyre to summer 332

332 Fall

Siege of Gaza - continue to Egypt

332-331 Winter

Egypt - Libya

331 Spring

Start march to Assyria -

331 Fall

Battle at Gaugamela

331 Fall

Reach Babylon

331-330 Winter

At Susa and Persepolis

330 Spring

Persepolis - march north to Media - pursue Darius

330 Summer

March east into Hyrcania - Mardia - Zadrakarta

330 Fall

Campaign march diverted - turns south to Areia -Arangiane

330-329 Winter

March north-east through Zarangiane - Arachosia

329 Spring

Cross Hindu Kush via Khaiwak Pass north into Baktria

329 Spring

Chasing Bessos in Baktria - across Oxus (Amu Darya) into Sogdiane

329 Summer

Found city Alexandria Eschate - warfare throughout Sogdiana and Baktria

329 Summer

At Markanda - Zarafshan River - to Syr Darya River

329 Fall

At Markanda - more guerilla warfare

329-328 Winter

Move back to Zariaspia

328 Spring

Campaign to Baktra - receive large number of reinforcements

328 Summer

Campaign again across Oxus - guerilla warfare in Sogdiana and Baktria

328-327 Winter

In Nautaka - central Sogdiana between the rivers

327 Spring

Attack Sogdiana Rock - captures and marries Rhoxane

327 Summer

Prepare to invade India - cross Hindu Kush -Salang Pass

327 Fall

Hephaistion besieges capital of Peukelaotis

327-326 Winter

Campaign in upper Pakistan NW Frontier province- Swat valley and northern hills

326 Spring

Capture Aornos Rock (Pir Sar) reach Indus and build ships

326 Spring

Reach Hydaspes (Jhelum) River - defeat Porus

326 Summer

Cross Akesinos (Chenab) Riverthen Hydratoes (Ravi) River - siege and destroy Sangala - then to Hyphasis (Sutlej) river - India border

326 Fall

Starts back - south on the Hydaspes

326-325 Winter

Still on Hydaspes - attacks Malloi towns (around Multan)

325 Spring

Reaches Indus Campaign into Sindh

325 Summer

Sailing down Indus - Patala (near Hyderabld)

325 Fall

Start back - crossing Gedrosia

325-324 Winter

reach Carmania - then Pasargadiae

323 - 10 June

Alexander dies

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