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This is a list of potentially useful web sites related to Renaissance history or literature. It was last corrected on 15 February 1997. Please send comments and corrections to Xenophon

General History

Kansas University
An extensive general listing of web sites by subject.
Internet Resources
Contains many lists by historical period including Renaissance.


The Art of Renaissance Science
for teachers and students, it has many subcategories including Florence and the Medicies.
Renaissance Texts from the University of Toronto

The Bibliography of Renaissance Europe (1300-1700)
and Public Health in Renaissance Europe.
Milites deBec
This is general British entry point for many kinds of groups.
Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.
Early Modern Literary Studies

Literary Research Tools
by Jack Lynch.
Voice of the Shuttle
at Spenser web page.
John Tolva homepage focused on English language and hypertext related to Renaissance.
Shakespeare Oxford Society
for the English Renaissance.
Edmund Spenser
Shepheardes Calender plus Renaissance links, and a discussion of hypertextuality and multimedia by John Tolva, same as above.
Englis h Civil War Society
About reenactment of English Civil war period.
Trayned Bandes of London
Resources (1585-1645).
Renaissance history
The page is in German, but there are some130 links, many to places in English. These are on the intellectual history of the Renaissance.
Hu manism (Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture)

Renaissance Dante; In Print

Montaigne Studies Home Page
Good list of Renaissance links.
The Renaissance on the Web
Another useful list of Renaissance sites. An extensive Renaissance listing including Machiavelli's Prince (complete) Leonardo and other topics on Renaissance art and the 1492 project. Machiavelli for summaries of Discourses and Art of War. And also links to several pages on Machiavelli. There is a link to the full text of Prince.
Contents of "The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli

ILTweb: Digtial Classics: Machiavelli: The Prince: Title Page

ILTweb: Digtial Classics: Machiavelli: The Prince: Chapter II

Machiavelli's Prince

Machiavelli's, "Discorsi", "Il Principe"

The Internet Classics Archive

Machiavelli's Page
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