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1898 - 1900 Field Blouse for General officers, Officers and Enlisted men (undress uniform) - From the left - Infantry man saluting in rear (white cord on campaign hat); Infantry Lieutenant, seated in rear, (shoulder strap shows rank, white insert shows infantry, crossed rifle branch insignia on collar, and white trouser stripe shows infantry); Infantry colonel (dress blouse in navy blue serge with lustrous black mohair trim down center and along bottom (this barely shows here and is even more obscure in some other illustrations), silver eagle on shoulder shows rank, white trouser stripe shows branch); Brigadier General (wearing field blouse, generals wear dark trousers to match, one star for brigadier and buttons in pairs); Artillery Sergeant Electrician (sergeant's red branch chevrons with electric sparks above, red branch stripe on trousers) Captains on Artillery and Infantry on porch in summer uniforms, the captain's bars do not show in this small illustration)


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