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1902 - 1907 General and Staff Officers (full dress, mounted) - all generals in this and subsequent illustrations have gold oak leaves on collar, cap and sleeves - From the left - Brigadier General on staff (single star on velvet sleeve cuff and gold aiguillette of staff - the velvet nature of the sleeves of all generals is rather lost in the illustration, sash is buff silk); Artillery Lieutenant Colonel (silver oak leaf of rank on shoulder board, artillery branch red on collar and cap); Lieutenant General (three stars on sleeve and on saddle blanket, coat buttons in group of four in center with group of three above and below, he wears his buff silk sash across his chest but could wear it around the waist if desired), (buff color is faded in illustration); Major General (coat buttons in threes, two stars on cuff); Brigadier General (one star on cuff and saddle blanket, and buttons in pairs)


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