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1902 - 1907 Officers of Staff Corps and Departments, Colonel of Artillery (full dress), uniform trousers are dark blue but appear black in illustration - From the left - Chief of Engineers (single star and coat buttons in pairs, engineer branch castle on sleeve, in addition he shows the engineer red branch color on coat trim and trousers, only branch that shows its color in this way); Pay Department officer mostly hidden in background (shows dark blue branch color on collar); Adjutant General, major general seated (two stars and buttons in threes, branch insignia below the stars, goldaiguillette of staff officer); Subsistence Department officer, hidden in rear, (branch color, grey on collar); Chief of Ordnance, Brigadier General, partly hidden (single star, buttons on coat in pairs, branch insignia of bomb and flame on sleeve); Quartermaster General (another brigadier general with single star, branch insignia below it is sword andkey crossed over a wheel with eagle above); Artillery colonel, trousers are a brighter blue than shown here, (five rows of braid on sleeve for colonel, crossed cannon of artillery below braid, red branch color on collar and hat, officer's shoulder knots instead of general's epaulettes); Surgeon General (branch insignia is caduceus, single star of brigadier general)


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