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1902 - 1907 Major General, Chief Signal Officer, Line Officers (full dress) From the left - Sergeant of Coast Artillery, in background (red braid and trouser stripe not clear in small reproduction); Infantry Artificer (blue branch color and sleeve insignia not clear in this smaller reproduction); Major of Engineers (three lines of braid on lower sleeve, engineer castle below that, red stripe piped white on trousers, not gold and red turnback on coat, gold aiguillette shows staff duty); Brigadier, Chief Signal Officer (gold baldric and sash of his branch, branch insignia signal flags on sleeve, one star on sleeve, coat buttons in pairs); Quartermaster Corps Captain, mounted in rear (buff branch color looks too yellow); Major General (two stars on sleeve and saddle blanket, buttons on coat in threes); Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry (four lines in braid on sleeve, crossed sabers and yellow branch color); Lieutenant Colonel of Subsistence, standing (four lines in sleeve braid, branch insignia is crescent, branch color is black)


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