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1902 - 1907 Cavalry Officers and Enlisted Men (full dress) All have cavalry colors and branch insignia - From the left - Farrier (horseshoe on sleeve); Saddler (leather tool on sleeve); Sergeant, standing in foreground, (three chevrons, yellow diagonal peacetime service stripe on sleeve, note saber is attached to saddle and not worn by soldier); Trumpeter, mounted in rear (bugle on cap); First Lieutenant (single line of braid on sleeve, crossed sabers insignia, the saddle blanket shows unit is 8th and hard to see number above the crossed saber insignia of the men appears to be 8, but the guidon shows 3. Officer has black boots instead of brown leather puttees); Squadron Sergeant Major, mounted ( in addition to chevrons he has diagonal yellow peacetime service stripe and a white stripe edged cavalry yellow for wartime service).


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