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1902 - 1907 Field Artillery Officers and Enlisted Men (full dress) All have the branch crossed cannon insignia and the red color on trousers, belt, collar, cap and braid. From the left - Trumpeter (double stripe on trousers (hard to see in small reproduction), even the bugle cord is red); Captain (eagle on cap instead of branch insignia, two lines of braid on sleeve with crossed cannon, more ornate sword hilt than EM have, 2 for regiment on saddle blanket); Private (branch insignia on cap has also the unit numeral); First Sergeant (diamond with chevrons, service stripes on sleeve show above the heavy duty gloves but the red branch stripe does not); Sergeant, mounted carrying guidon (chevrons are not shown due to position of arms, but guidon bearer is a sergeant - note 2nd Arty, same as the branch insignia men are wearing); Corporal (two chevrons); Second Lieutenant, mounted (no fancy braid scroll but a single straight gold bar instead on sleeve); Stable Sergeant, standing ( position shown by the horse's head below the three red chevrons, both branch red stripe and the service stripes show since he is wearing white gloves.


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