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1902 - 1907 Non-Commissioned Officers Staff Corps and Engineers (full dress) They are wearing full dress cords in branch colors across the chest- From the left - Infantry private walking away in background (light blue piping and no chevrons); Ordnance Sergeant (red and black piping and bomb with flame in the chevron and on collar and hat, wreath on cap shows staff corps, but his service strips on the lower sleeve show prior service in infantry and cavalry during wartime); Corporal of Signal Corps (orange and white chevron and piping, crossed flags and torch insignia); Master Electrician of Signal Corps (from insignia inside chevron, orange and white strip on trousers); Private of Engineers (castle insignia on collar, red with white piping on hat); Sergeant of Engineers (castle insignia, red piped white on cap, chevrons, blouse, service stripes on sleeve, and trousers)


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