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1902 - 1907 Major General, Officers of the Staff Corps and Departments General Staff and Line (dress) From the left - Captain of Infantry (sack coat of blouse, blue should board, infantry crossed rifles on collar, 2 silver bars of captain, mohair trim on coat is not visible in the reproduction); Colonel of Cavalry General Staff (staff stars with silver eagle on collar and saddle blanket, silver eagle for rank in shoulder bar and yellow stripe on trousers and on shoulder board for cavalry); Captain of Coast Artillery (red trim and crossed cannons cannot see the shell in circle on the cannons depicting coastal defenses, mohair trim is visible here); Major General Frederick Dent Grant (son of US Grant) (three button groups on blouse, 2 stars on shoulder boards, no branch insignia on collar); Chaplain of Cavalry (crossed cavalry sabers on collar, silver eagle of a colonel on shoulder boards); Lieutenant Colonel of Subsistence (crescent branch insignia on collar, mohair trim is visible)


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