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Ths table os organized to show the French and allies in blue and the Russians in Green. The actions along the four axes of advance are shown as nearly simultaneously as possible to give an indication of the scope of the campaign.







28 June - Macdonald across the Nieman at Tilsit is facing cossack screen

17 June - Bagration starts northeast toward Vilna.

23 June - Napoleon recon, Morand starts across Niemen
24-25 June Grand Army crosses Niemen (230,000 at Kovno and 67,000 later at Pilona), occupies Kovno, Napoleon cautious, uncertain of Russian locations.

26 June - Barclay withdraws from Vilna toward Drissa

26 June - Ney finds Jenow empty, Murat reports Barclay retiring on Sveniasvany - Napoleon orders Oudinot and Macdonald to trap Wittgenstein

27 June - Murat close to Vilna, Jerome toward Grodno
28 June - Oudinot pushes Wittgenstein out of Vilkomir
29 June - Napoleon reaches Vilna, begins recon to locate Russians, heavy rain begins -Ney covers left, Eugene covers right. Davout with cavalry moves to trap Bagration.

29 June - Bagration leaves Volkovisk toward Slonim and Novogrodeck - Napoleon sends recon to find Barclay.

29 June - Docturov starts for Svir. Napoleon orders Schwarzenberg to Slonim - discounts any Russians in Volhynia - More rain.
30 June - Eugene crosses Niemen at Pilona. Napoleon orders Davout to Minsk.

Schwarzenberg cross Bug near Drohyczyn

27 June - Schwarzenberg at Syedlitz

27 June - Reynier at Bialystock

JULY 1 -9

4 July - Macdonald leaves Rossiny toward Mitau, Essen Russian commander at Riga

1 July - Napoleon reorganizes Davout corps and cavalry reserve - shifts Eugene to come to Vilna.

2 July - Barclay at Svanziany

4 July - Napoleon sends reserve to Davout to replace losses
4 July - Eugene reaches Vilna - Napoleon orders general halt to await artillery.
5 July - Napoleon orders Davout to Minsk and Ney and Murat to hold
Barclay - plans to strike to Vitebsk with Eugene and Guard.

9 July - Napoleon orders new plan - Macdonald to threaten at Jacobstadt, Davout back north to Borisov and Orsha, Jerome and Schwarzenberg to pursue Bagration

1 July - Jerome to advance via Grodno toward Novogrodeck, arrives Grodno on 3 July, Napoleon furious

1 July - Bagration at Nikolayev

4 July - Bagration wants to cross Nieman at Nikolaiev learns of Davout near Minsk

5 July Davout at Voloschin blocks, Bagration turns toward Mir

5 July - Jerome advances from Grodno

6 July - Bagration shifting toward Bobruisk

7 July - French advance cavalry meet Platov Cossacks at Mir, Davout recon.

8-9 - July Skirmish at Mir, Cossacks win.

8 July - Davout reaches Minsk, takes depots, but Bagration moving to Bobriusk

9 July - Napoleon new strategic plan

JULY 10 - 15

10 July - Macdonald (30,000) with 2 Prussian and one French divisions, between Rossiena and Schwalja
Macdonald moving toward Riga
10 July - Oudinot (40,000 at Solock, between Macdonald and main army

10 July - Ney, (39,000) at Rimsziani
10 July - Murat (51,000) at Vidzy, Napoleon (41,000) & St.Cyr (72,000) Vilna, Davout (50,000) at Minsk, Eugene (40,000) at Dimnischki

Barclay (100,000) Drissa

12 July - French concentrate south flank of Drissa fortress

10 - July Jerome (61,000) at Novogrodeck

10 July - Bagration, (45,000) Nzhesvich

10 July - Platov defeats Polish cav at Battle of Mir

11 July - Nap orders Davout to take Borisov, prepare to move to Mogilev or Vitebsk - Jerome to leave Reynier at Slonim to operate against Tormassov,

12 July - Davout cavalry in Borisov
13 July - Davout sees opportunity to destroy Bagration with help of Jerome, orders Jerome who stops
14 July - Jerome reprimanded goes home.

10 July - Reynier (17,000) at Volkovisk and Novogrodeck, Schwarzenberg (34,000) Pruschany

10 July - Tormasov, (35000) at Lutzk

11 July - Napoleon wants Reynier to stay at Slonim to operate against Tormasov while Schwarzenberg continues to Dvina.

JULY 15 - 21

15 July - Wittgenstein recon at Druya

18 July - Russians at Balin

18 July - Battle at Eckau, stalemate

19 July - Oudinot at Dinaburg ordered back south

21 July - Diebitsch cossacks on recon

15 July - Napoleon pause again to concentrate and do recon.
16 July - Murat reports Russian movement to advance
19 July - no attack, Murat reports Russians leaving Drissa for Vitebsk

20 July - Barclay reaches Vitebsk

20 July - Napoleon learns of Jerome and Davout, changes orders - Poniatowski to pursue Bagration, Schwarzenberg to Minsk
21 July - Napoleon sends Ney and Montbrun over Dvina in recon.

21 July - Barclay orders Bagration to join via Orsha to Vitebsk

15 July - Davout can't attack Bagration alone, plans to hold defense at Mogilev to cut route north. Orders Grouchy to Orsha

15 July - Platov holds Romanov

16 July - Jerome (Marchand) halted
17 July - Grouchy at Kukhonova
18 July - Grouchy contacts Eugene
19 July - Grouchy takes Orsha and supplies crosses Dnieper - Poniatowski moving Slutsk to Mogilev, Latour to Bobruisk

20 July - Davout takes Mogilev with supplies, blocks Bagration

July 22-31

23 July - Oudinot covering flank toward Polotsk

24 July - Macdonald in Courland to Dinaburg

25 July - Wittgenstein preparing to evacuate Dunaburg, takes guns, Oudinot moving north

26 July - Russians move into gap between Macdonald and Oudinot

27 July - Cavalry engagement

28-29-30-31 July - Wittgenstein at Battle of Kliastitzy

23 July - Barclay reaches Vitebsk, changes order to meet at Smolensk and detaches Wittgenstein to cover roads to St. Petersburg. Ostermann to Ostrovno to cover Vitebsk

23 July - Napoleon plans to cross Dvina between Polotsk and Disna. Murat at Beshenkovichi
24 July - French reach Biechenkovski, Eugene reaches main army. Napoleon realizes trap missed
25 July - Murat moving cavalry to Ostrovno followed by Eugene's infantry, they hit Osterman

26 July - Battle of Ostrovno continues - Napoleon arrives late evening.

27 July - Napoleon launchs attack toward Vitebsk - Barclay withdraws during night.

28 July - Napoleon discovers Russian departure - realizes his corps are too spread apart, fears Barclay retreat - Murat in contact again east of Vitebsk

29 July - Napoleon decides to halt again to contentrate and bring up artillery. Decides also to shift south and cross Dnieper between Orsha and Rosasna. - Eugene advances, but Napoleon remains at Vitebsk

22 July - Grouchy at Babinovitshi and patrols toward Vitebsk and Smolensk
23 July - Davout Battle at Saltanovka against Rayevski and Paskevich trying to break through to north, Russians withdraw

24 July - Latour pursuing Bagration has to bypass Bobruisk fortress, crosses Berezina at Berezino

23 July - Tormassov on offensive to Kobrin and Brest

25 July - Reynier advance to Chomsky and Kobrin, finds Russians already have Kobrin, calls for Schwarzenberg

25 July - Tormassov ordered against French rear at Kobrin

27 July - Russian attack Kobrin - Saxons (Klengel) surrender

27 July - Schwarzenberg at Slonim, to late to help Reynier.

31 July - Chichagov marches from Bucharest with army of Moldavia, 38,000,

AUG 1 - 8

1 Aug - battle continues French retreat then Oudinot counterattack and finally Wittgenstein counters again.
2 Aug - Oudinot withdraws to Polotsk
3 Aug - French cross Dvina at Polotsk

8 Aug - Wittgenstein bridges Dvina, has to watch Macdonald and Oudinot

4 Aug - VIII Corps (now Junot) joins main army at Orsha

6 Aug - Barclay decided to attack but doesn't know where.
8 Aug - Platov cossacks contact and defeat French II Cavalry Corps near Inkovo,
Napoleon reacts by concentrating

8 Aug - Barclay advancing toward Rudnia then has false info on Eugene, suspects trap, halts to face north

1 Aug - Barclay arrives at Smolensk, but stations Platov to west at Inkovo

1 Aug - Napoleon forbids small cavalry patrols due to Russian superiority, causes worse recon.

4 Aug - Bagration reaches Smolensk

5 Aug - Latour at Mogilev

2 Aug - Napoleon learns Tormasov has Kobrin, agrees to Schwarzenberg joining Reynier to attack - Orders Dombrovski and Latour back to Bobruisk.

AUG 9 - 15

9 Aug - Wittgenstein at Rosizi

11 Aug - Battle of Svolna

13 Aug - Yorck replaces Grawert commanding Prussian corps

14 Aug - Wittgenstein moves toward Polotsk, Oudinot and St. Cyr retiring there. Wittgenstein to attack on orders from Barclay

10 Aug - Napoleon resumes shift across Dnieper toward Smolensk, fortifies Vitebsk

11 Aug - Barclay stationary before Murat

12 Aug - Barclay orders Platov to find French

12 Aug - Napoleon orders Davout to cross Dnieper, Junot, Ney, Murat and Eugene to shift south.

13-14 Aug French cross Dnieper near Rosasna

14 Aug - Neverovsky holds Murat, Ney and Grouchy at Krasnyi toward Smolensk

14 Aug - Barclay retiring toward Smolensk, learns of French maneuver, thinks it is retreat, plans to advance to Vitebsk. Bagration informs him of danger to Smolensk, sends Rayevski to help Neverovski, Barclay decided to wait and see

15 Aug - Rayevski enters Smolensk early, - Murat, Nansouty, Grouchy - 3 miles west of Smolensk, didn't scout south bank. Eugene still north of river.

15-16 Aug - midnight Napoleon orders Ney and Murat to attack Smolensk - Ney attempts assault in afternoon

9 Aug - Poniatowski still at Mogilev, detachs Dombrowski to cover Minsk and besiege Bobruisk

12 Aug - Schwarzenberg and Reynier defeat Tormasov near Gorodeczna. Tormasov retreats to Kobrin and then to Lutzk

12 Aug - rumors of Tormasov and Wittgenstein causing uproar in French rear clear beyond Warsaw.

AUG 15 - 21

17 Aug - French II and IV corps uniting
18 Aug - St. Cyr arrives Polotsk - remain into October

17-18 Aug - First Battle of Polotsk - Wittgenstein attacking, St Cyr counter- atacks

16-17 Aug - Barclay and Bagration combined to defend SmolenskBattle of Smolensk. Napoleon launches frontal assault against medieval fortifications on south side of city.
16 Aug - 0700 Napoleon sends Junot, Poniatowski and Guard to Smolensk. - Ney, Murat drive Rayevski into city
16 Aug - afternoon Napoleon arrives, orders Eugene and Davout to attack, they arrive after 1700,
by then Barclay and Bagration partially concentrated. Russians realize Napoleon will strike east of town to cut road, therefor decide to withdraw immediately and shift Bagration east while Barclay rear guard holds city.

17 Aug - Bagration starts east on main road to Moscow - Docturov replaces Rayevski in city, launches sortie. Bagration to hold fords

17 Aug - Napoleon launches limited assault at 1230 - takes 4 hours to clear suburbs and ends around 2000. Night to prepare new attack for 18th. 2300 Barclay orders withdrawal - 0300 18th Ney finds city empty sends troops over river.

18 Aug - Barclay starts east on bypass road to northeast, very confused .
19 Aug - Junot attacks Russian rear guard at Valutino, but fails to advance.
20 Aug - French try again, fail and then let Russians go. Napoleon orders Victor forward to take command of rear area. Sends Dombrowski back to Minsk

AUG 22- 31

22 Aug - Essen attacks atBattle of Dahlenkirchen, Prussians driven back to Mitau

23 Aug - stalemate at Mitau and Riga

25 Aug - Napoleon starts from Smolensk toward Moscow.

27 - Aug - Barclay leaves Vyazma

28 Aug - French advance guard enters burning Vyazma, Murat and Davout argue over attacking Russian rear guard beyond the city.

29 Aug - Kutuzov takes command of combined Russian armies on road.

31 Aug - Kutuzov considers defense at Gzatsk.

29 Aug - Tormasov behind the Styr at Lutzk with Schwarzenberg facing him.

SEPT 1- 14

Macdonald sitting in Courland

Bernadotte assures Alexander of Swedish support, Alexander removes Steingell's forces from Finland and sends them toward Riga

St Cyr and Oudinot corps facing Wittgenstein around Polotsk

1 Sept - French occupy Gzatsk, Napoleon rests 2 days - muster count of 128,000 plus 6,000 more in 5 days.
3 Sept - Victor (IX Corps) crosses Nieman at Kovno with 34,000 fresh troops.

3 Sept - Kutuzov checks positions at Borodino. 16,000 militia join army

4 Sept - French begin advance against Russian rear guard skirmishers. Barclay checks and disapproves of Russian positions.

5 Sept - Napoleon observes Shevardino - deploys army - I Corps assault at dusk (Compans + Nansouty and Montbrun)

5 Sept - Kutuzov in evening sends III Corps to Utitsa to cover open left flank

6 Sept - Both sides prepare - Nap recon twice - Davout request turning movement - French build pontoon bridges and 3 large arty batteries

7 Sept - Borodino battle renewed - Russians begin withdrawal during night

8 Sept - Russians withdraw - French recovering

10 Sept - Milorodovich, Russian rear guard defeats Murat until 11 PM

13 Sept - Kutuzov halts at Moscow, decides to give up city
14 Sept - Russian army passes through Moscow

Tormasov waiting behind Svir for Chichagov coming from Rumania

SEPT 15- 30

23 Sept - Steingell march from Riga to join Wittgenstein
28 Sept - Sebej column reaches Wittgenstein
28 Sept - Beguiczev at Nevel
29 Sept -Essen tries to move out of Riga

15 Sept - Rus rear guard through Moscow. French enter Moscow. The city burns. French receive reinforcements, but general state of the army deteriorates during September. Russian army gaining strength. Kutuzov encourages Napoleon to false expectations about negociations in order to keep him in Moscow. Barclay exiled to Vladimir.

24 Sept - Victor arrives Smolensk with IX Corps. He improves state of rear area and supplies in depots along the main line of march.

18 Sept - Chichagov arrives with army of Moldavia at Lutzk. Combined Russian army 65,000 versus Saxon - Austrian army of 40,000.

19 Sept - Russians stop von Zechmeister near Lutsk

21 Sept - von Zechmeister hit again - Admiral Chichagov 5th Div moving on Styr River near Tormassov

22 Sept - Chichagov crosses Styr, Schwarzenberg and Reynier begin retreat to Warsaw

23 Sept - skirimishing by patrols

28 Sept - Tormassov and Chichagov combine to hit Saxons near Lumbove on Bug River

OCT 1-15

2 Oct - Beguiczev at Krasnopolie, Diebitsch at Lipova, Wittgenstein starts for Polotsk

1-19 Oct - Napoleon siting in Moscow trying to negociate. French army receiving reinforcements but still deteriorating due to disease and losses to cossacks.

Murat establishes advance guard at Valuntino

1-19 October - Kutuzov receiving reinforcements and supplies, launches cossack and partizan warfare against French LOC and all around Moscow

3 Oct - Saxons and Austrians unite at Brest, remain between Brest and Vilna until 10 Oct.

10 Oct - Austrians & Saxons on Bug River - Tormassov and Chichagov armies joined between Brest and Kaminiec-Litovsk

OCT 16 -21

16 Oct - Wittgenstein closes along Dvina -
17 Oct - Balk met 4000 French at Jourevicz,

St Cyr stationary at Polotsk

18 Oct - Second Battle of Polotsk, Wittgenstein vs St. Cyr - Steingell cross Dvina at Drissa

19 Oct - St Cyr sends Weide to stop Steingell, then withdraws over river

20 Oct - Weide vs Steingell in dawn meeting engagement

21 Oct - St Cyr sends Weide to Glubokoye to cover road to Vilna

17 Oct - Napoleon orders Victor to send Baraguay to Yelnya, plans to retire to Smolensk via Kaluga and Yelnya. Mortier to go via Vereya, Poniatowski to clear Vereya first.

18 Oct - Benningsen attacks Murat

19 Oct - Napoleon begins move out of Moscow with 95,000 men, 500 cannon, 40,000 wagons.

15-28 Oct - Saxons and Austrians still on Bug River.

Alexander orders 3rd West army to split - von Sacken with 27,000 men to watch Austrians and Saxons, Chichagov to cut Napoleon off on Berezina. Chichagov puts his part of army into camp for rest prior to move on Berezina.

Schwarzenberg responds by again advancing against von Sacken

OCT 22 - 30

Macdonald sitting to guard siege train, refuses St Cyr request for assistance

28-29 Oct - Victor joins St Cyr - two corps joined to hit Wittgenstein

29 Oct - French move to Beszenkoviczi

30 Oct - Wittgenstein moving from Polotsk
31 Oct- He meets Victor,Battle of Smolianksi, then French withdraw

23 Oct - Eugene reaches Malo Jaroslavets meets Docturov who arrives at 3 AM, French hold town

24 Oct - French hold MJ

25 Oct - Napoleon recon almost captured by cossacks - decides on retreat

27 Kutusov learns of Napoleon move.

31 Napoleon reaches Viazma w/guard, cossacks hit army rear guard

25 Oct - Saxons reinforced to 12,283 men and cross Bug for 3rd time.

During October Russian general Hertel at Mozyr kept the Austrians at Pinsk and the French (Dombrowski) before Bobrusk occupied.

27 Oct - Chichagov begins march to Minsk

NOV 1-15

MacDonald at Mitau in Courland

4 Nov - French start back to Torbinka

7 Nov - Wittgenstein takes Vitebsk

8 Nov - Russians attack Victor near Czereia, Oudinot recovers, II and IX Corps separated

10-12 Nov - IX Corps at Dokhovschena

13 Nov - Victor moving back toward Czaszniki
14-15 Nov - Victor pushing Wittgenstein, then ordered back

3 Nov - Milorodivch + 2 div at Viazma, cut Davout from Eugene - Battle of Viazma.

5 Nov - French retreat again, snow falling

6 Nov - Napoleon receives message from Paris about Malet coup attempt orders Eugene to take IV Corps on side road to Vop river at Dukhovschina, Russians try to block.

9 Nov - Nap + guard at Smolensk, but Smolensk magazines already ruined by stragglers and rear service troops.

12 Nov - Eugene continues from Dukhovschina fights his way into Smolensk
14 Nov - Napoleon and Guard leave Smolensk

1 Nov - Saxons contact Russians at Visocky.

6 Nov - Chichagov reaches Slonim

12 Nov - Saxons reach Lapinika, Austrians at Slonim, Saxons reach Volkvysk. Durutte brings division from Warsaw to reinforce Reynier.
14 Nov - Schwarzenburg reaches Slonim, but behind Chichagov who is already between Austrians and Berezina River

NOV 16 - 20

16 Nov - IX Corps at Putski

19 Nov - Chichagov at Louknovo, cossacks hit Dombrowski rear guard at Igumen

20 Nov - IX Corps at Czereia, Napoleon orders Victor to Borisov
20 Nov Dombrowski move to Borisov, French bridgehead.

20 Nov - Battle of Borisov, Lambert arrives and attacks Dombrowski, Russians take bridge, Chichagov reaches Borisov at night, his cossacks reach Usza on Berezina river.

15 Nov - Battle of Krasnoye, Miloradovich cuts into French column ahead of Eugene, Davout and Ney

16 Nov, Eugene fights way through, - Davout leaves Smolensk
17 Nov - Ney departs Smolensk and disappears, Napoleon uses Guard to clear road for Davout in desperate battle. He orders Eugene to lead move toward Orsha. Orsha has full magazines to restore army.

20-22 Nov - Kutuzov moving to Kopys, reorganizing on 22 Nov.

21 Nov - Ney with few survivors reaches Orsha.

15 Nov - Battle of Volkovsky between von Sacken and Reynier - Russians attack and drive Saxons back with heavy losses.

15 Nov - Chichagov advance guard routs French detachment from Minsk at Novi Schverschin.
16 Nov - Chichagov takes Minsk with supply depot,
Dombrowski, too late, retires to Borisov. (See continued operations in Central theater)

16 Nov - Sacken continues attack on Reynier left flank. Schwarzenberg arrives to assist Reynier - Schwarzenberg attacks Sacken right flank at Volkovisk pushes back. Sacken retreats with heavy losses.

NOV 20 - 30

Macdonald still sitting. He starts back on 19 Dec.

22 Nov - Victor retreating

22 Nov - Chichagov crosses Berezina and sends advance guard, now Pahlen, toward Bobr. It runs intoDombrowski leading Oudinot's advance guard. Oudinot II Corps retakes east bank at Borisov then drives Chichagov back across Berezina, but Russians burn the bridges at Borisov.
24 Nov - Victor has IX Corps at Batrun.
26 Nov - Victor reaches main road at Bobr to form rear guard, but uncovers Oudinot's rear to
Wittgenstein who follows Victor instead.
26 Nov - night, Wittgenstein reaches Kostritsa, tries to intercept Victor.
Russians capture fresh 12th Division

27 Nov - most of French army crosses
28 Nov - Chichagov retakes east bank of Berezina at Borisov, plans joint attack with Wittgenstein and Platov - Oudinot and Ney defeat Russian attack on west bank of river, 29 Nov - French retreat from Zembik toward Vilna.

23 Nov - Napoleon reaches Bobr.
24 Nov - Napoleon at Losnitza, orders Oudinot to cross Berezina and clear west bank. Oudinot knows and selects crossing at Studenka, but sends diversion south.
Chichagov reacts, searching south of Borisov. Davout at Bobre, Kutuzov crossing Dnieper at Kopys.
24 - 25 Nov - French engineers collecting materials for hasty bridges.
26 Nov - Napoleon bridging Berezina at Studenka, Oudinot and Dombrowski quickly cross. Oudinot drives Tschlapitz from river as latter was just returning.
28 Nov - Victor still holding east bank at Studianka against Wittgenstein attack, fights successful rear guard action then crosses during night. Engineers then blow up the bridge, leaving thousands of stragglers.

24 Nov - Sacken at Brest Litovsk and Kobrin moving southwest, Reynier's Saxons following to Brest
25 Nov - Schwarzenberg at Kobrin, he receives Napoleon orders to march on Minsk
27 Nov - Schwarzenberg starts move against Chichagov but distance is too great.
Schwarzenberg was effectively occupied by von Sacken


Prussians change sides. Macdonald retires into Danzig

Napoleon leaves army for Paris.

With defeat of French army, Schwarzenberg signed armistice and retired into Galicia

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