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Section of battle scene in Panorama Museum, Moscow.

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This page is to display views of Borodino battlefield and two associated museums. And it also has photos of Napoleonic Society reenactors in Russia.

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Scene of cavalry battle during Borodino, part of Panorama Museum

Borodino battlefield, 1812, with WWII emplacements

Bust of General Bagration, hero who died in battle, at Museum on battlefield

World War II emplacements on Borodino battlefield

Section of battle in Panorama Museum, Moscow

Rayevski artillery battery - great redoubt of 1812, and WWII entrenchments

Section of Panorama Museum scene of Borodino battle

Interior of a Bagration fleche, Borodino battlefield

View of Borodino battle, part of Panorama Museum, Moscow

Hussars, Napoleonic Society reenactors in Russia

Napoleonic Society, infantry reenactors in Russia

More Napoleonic Society reenactors in Russia

Victor Grushinin, as officer Moscow Dragoon Regiment, 1812

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Kalachka stream in front of Russian positions, French crossed from right to left.

View of ditch outside of fleche - left side of Russian positions.

Monastery church built after battle behind central fleche.

View from Kutuzov's headquarters at Gorki - center of Russian position is on horizon in left center of picture.

Portrait of General Barclay de Toly - Heros of 1812 gallery in Hermitage (Winter palace).

Portrait of General Bagration - Heros of 1812 gallery, Hermitage.

Rayevski battery and WWII emplacements

Captured cannon display at battlefield museum.

World War II trench in front of Russian 1812 positions on Borodino battlefield.

View of Kalachka stream and Russian positions

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