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He was the son of Ol'gerd Gediminovich, grand prince of Lithuania. He became Prince of Pskov and Polotsk in 1341-48, 1`377, and 1393-99. He served Keistut of Lithuania in campaigns against the Livonian Order in 1375. In 1377 he returned to Pskov to serve as elected prince. He next entered the service of Moscow and in 1379 fought against Lithuania and in 1380 fought at Kulikovo field. Later he returned again to Lithuania to become Prince of Polotsk. In 1393 he left Polotsk for Pskov again. Finally he served Lithuania again under Vitovt and died in battle against the Tatars in 1399. His noted lineage assured that he would be well noted in the historical chronicles, but these peregrinations from Lithuania to Pskov to Moscow and back are typical of so many of the serving princes and boyars during the time when such moves were still possible.


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