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He was the third son of SvyatoslavII Yaroslavich. His sons were Svyatoslav, Vsyevolod, Vladimir, Iziaslav III, and Rostislav. The family members are shown on this chart.
He held Smolensk 1093 to 1097 and then Chernigiv from 1097 to 1123. He held Novgorod from 1093 when sent by his father. He claimed, along with his more violent brother, Oleg, that the Rus princes should keep the lands of their fathers of the generation of Yaroslav's sons as hereditary patrimonies. At the same time he tried to maintain the essential unity of the family's domains, especially in the face of external threat from the steppe nomads. Thus he was seen by his peers as a more reasonable leader than his brother, Oleg.
1093 - Svyatoslav II gains throne in Kyiv sends David to govern Novgorod.
1095 David replaced by Mstislav at Novgorod, goes to Smolensk.
1095 David's brother, Oleg, sent to him at Smolensk but people refuse him entry.
1097 David meets at Lyubech conference and recommends unity. He goes to Chernigiv.
1097 When David Igor'yevich blinds Vasil'ko, David is horrified and goes with Vladimir Monomakh to demand restitution from Svyatopolk II. Then he goes with the allies to Vladimir in Volynia to attack David Igor'yevich. David escapes the battle of Rozhne. His son, Svyatoslav (Svyatosha, is at Lutsk.
1098 David with Vladimir and Oleg campaign against Svyatopolk II, then make peace agreement.
1100 David and all princes meet again, at Uvetichi, near Kiev to resolve family problems.
1100 David sends Mstislav Vsyevolodovich, nephew of David Igor'yevich, to the Black Sea.
1101 David meets all cousins at Zalot'cha conference and they have peace treaty with Polovtsi.
1103 David accepts Svyatopolk as ruler at Kyiv but urges that allies meet Polovtsi in battle, but his brother, Oleg, refuses. In the 1103 campaign to Khortitsa on Dniper they win victory in April.
1106 David's son, Svyatosha becomes monk. 1107 Allied army wins victory over Polovtsi.


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