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  Romanov family crest  

The Romanov family traced its ancestory to the end of the 13th century. Following are the members of the family prior to the first member to become Tsar, Mikhail Romanov, in succession.

Glanda-Kambila Divonovich - He entered Russia from Lithuania toward the end of the 13th century. He was baptized in 1287 with the name Ivan.
Andrei Ivanovich Kbila (died before 1350-51)
Feodor Andreivich Koshka (died not before 1393) He was the fifth son of Andrei
Ivan Feodorovich Koshkin (died not before 1427) He was the first son of Feodor.
Zakharii Ivanovich Koshkin (died around 1461) He was the fourth son of Ivan.
Yuri Zakharivich Zakharin-Yur'ev (died around 1504-05) He was the second son of Zakharii. He was namestnik at Novgorod and then moved his family to the hill by the Moscow river outside the Kremlin where the Romanov house on Varvarka street is now.
Roman Yuriyevich Zakharin-Yur'ev (died on 12 or 16 November 1543) He married Yuliania Fedorovna (died 1579)
Nikita Romanovich Romanov (as monk named Nifint) (died 23 June 1586) He married first V. I. Xhovrenoi-golovina and second Princess E. A. Gorbata (died 1581) He built the church on Varvarka Street by the Romanov house.
Feodor Nikitch Romanov (born 1554-56 - died Jan 10, 1633) Patriarch 1608-1610 and 1619-1633) He married Xenia I. Shestova (died 1637)


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