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SEMYON VASIL'YEVICH (14th-15th cent)


He was the son of Vasilii Romanovich, appanage prince of Sugor. He became appanage prince of Kemski-Sugor. His sons were Vladimir, Fedor Durak, Dmitrii, David and Konstantin. The family is shown on this chart.
The Kemsko-Sugorski udel was created in the second half of the 14th century by prince Vasilii, brother of the Beloozero appanage prince Fedor Romanovich. But the udel soon began to weaken. The northern part including the Kemski volost that was in the basin of the Kem, Ukhtom' , Kolokshi and Sheksna rivers fell to the hands of Vasilii's son, Semyon, who was the first and last independent prince of this udel. It lost its independence when the rest of the Beloozero principality went to Moscow. The Kemski princely family lasted into the 17th century.


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