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He was the son of SvyatoslavIII Vsyevolodich, prince of Kyiv and probably Maria Vasil'kovna, princess of Polotsk. He was prince of Chernigiv and then also of Kyiv (1206-1212). He married Maria, daughter of Casimir, King of Poland, and then another wife. His son by the first wife was Mikhail, appanage prince of Chernigiv; and from the second was Andrei, prince of Chernigiv; and he had two daughters. Agafia married Yuri II Vsyevolodovich, Grand Prince of Vladimir. He appears in this family chart.
1204 - he succeeds Gleb as ruler of Chernigiv
1205 -1212 - he is struggling for control of Kyiv
1206 - he captures Kyiv and places his own son, Mikhail, at Periaslavl throwing Yaroslav Vsyevolodovich out.
1206 - Rurik Rostislavich pushes Vsyevolod out of Kyiv and Mikhail out of Periaslavl.
1206-07 during winter Vsyevolod besieges Kyiv but fails to retake it. But in August 1207 by bringing allies he manages to take Kyiv.
1207 - at end of year Vsyevolod again thrown out of Kyiv by Rurik.
1212 - Vsyevolod again thrown out of Kyiv, this time by the allied armies of most other princely families including Mstislav Mstislavich's Novgorodian troops. Vsyevolod retreats to Chernigiv and is besieged there.


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