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He was the fifth son of Vladimir Vsyevolodich Monomakh. His mother was Gida, English Princess and sister of Harold II. He was prince of Smolensk from 1113, then of Turov, Periaslavl, and Prince of Kyiv 1139, 1150, 1151-54). He is shown on this family chart.
He led armies for his father, Vladimir Monomakh and together with his brother, Mstislav, forced Oleg Svyatoslavich to attend the family council. He was brought to the Kyivan throne by his nephew, Izyaslav Mstislavich as a political maneuver to forstall the claims to the throne of Vyacheslav's younger brother, Yuri Dolgoruki of Suzdal. His son was Mikhail, prince of Turov.


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