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During the long and bitter struggle between the ruling houses of Tver and Moscow for supremacy and the leadership in consolidating Russian lands Mikhail II Yaroslavich, Grand Prince of Tver, (1285-1318) defeated Yuri III Danilovich, Udelni prince of Moscow (1303-1325) at Bortenevo, 40 versts down the Volga from Tver near the Brodi River. The battle took place on 22 December 1317. As a result of his previous diplomacy Mikhail had received the yarlik as Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1305 from the Tatar Khan. Yuri was doing everything he could to obtain Tatar recognition and keep the yarlik. Unfortunately for Mikhail shortly afterward he made the mistake of capturing Yuri's wife, Konchaka, who was Khan Uzbek's sister. When she died in captivity, the Khan sent Tatar troops to aid Yuri in revenge. Yuri became Grand Prince of Vladimir (1317-1322). The scene of this battle is depicted on a grand scale in a painting that covers most of a wall in the city museum in Tver. We were allowed to photograph this mural in June 1998. The artist has depicted medieval Russian arms and armor quite well.
The overall scene is depicted here.
Yuri approaches the combat here.
A mounted warrior is about throw a javelin (djid) here.
The center of the battle line is here.
Troops emerging from the woods are here.
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