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September 20, 1854.

George Page
Micha Jelasavcic
John Sloan


This is a list of the photography taken during our visits to the battlefield in 1992, 1993, and especially in 1997 when we had an extensive guided tour led by Pavel Lyashuk.

Photo number



View from junction of British and French troops toward Russian positions, river is right under the hill line.

alma 02

View to the redoubt from directly across the Alma, it is right behind the bushes.

alma 03

View of redoubt to east from near road

alma 04

View from road in center to east toward redoubt

alma 05

View from St Armand location, SE, toward hill on which Lord Raglan stood

alma 06

View from same location looking more due south

alma 07

View from same looking more west

alma 08

View from same looking still further west

alma 13

View from initial British deployment on road to south as they crossed the final ridge and could see Kourgane Hill.

alma 14

View from road junction looking south

alma 15

View to right of #14

alma 16

View across village looking to right of #15

alma 17

View from Russian side looking west

alma 18a

Closeup of memorial oblisk in redoubt

alma 19

View south from road

alma 19a

View from obelisk inside redoubt, monument to Fusiliers is on right side at forward edge of redoubt.

alma 20a

Close up of memorial to Royal Welsh Fuisliers

alma 21a

Close up of memorial

alma 23a

View north east from location of Borodino Regt

alma 24a

View from right front corner inside redoubt toward river

alma 25a

View from the back side of the redoubt toward river and British line

alma 31

View from St Armand location, like #1

alma 32

View left of 31, toward redoubt

alma 33

View from redoubt back to SE toward hill

alma 34

View from in front of location of Suzdal Regt on Russian right

alma 35

View more to east from #34

alma 77

View toward Kourgine hill - right on #34

alma 78

View toward British approaching highlanders from same location #34


View west from field where Suzdal Regt and Highlanders met toward redoubt over ridge

alma 80

View from Lord Raglan's position to NE

alma 81

View from Lord Raglan's position east toward redoubt


View from Lord Raglan's position SE into pass

alma 83

View from Lord Raglan's position NE back into village

alma 84

View from Lord Raglan's position back into allied lines

alma 85

View from Lord Raglan's position east to redoubt

alma 86

View from location of Borodino Regt to north

alma 87

View from Borodino Regt, NE, right of #86

alma 88

View from Borodino Regiment, right of #87, NE

alma 89

View from bluff at seacoast looking north

alma 90

View along bluff toward east

alma 91

View from bluff looking down to river

alma 98

View toward west

alma 99

View toward west from road in center

alma 99a

Closeup of monument

These photos were made during visits in 1992 and 1997. In some cases the photos have been digitally edited to remove modern factory or other buildings that detract from the scene as it was in 1854. To obtain prints or high quality digital versions please write to Xenophon. Please also contact us for information about future trips to Sevastopol and Crimea. To return to the Xenophon main page please click here. Return to Kinglake. return to Crimea.