War is a matter of vital importance to the State:
The Province of life or death:
The Road to Survival or Ruin:
It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied.
Sun Wu

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The Xenophon Group International was organized to promote the study of military history. We began by publishing a magazine devoted to Early Modern Military History, Gorget & Sash of which some printed copies are available, and we have added the 12 issues to this web site, the links are in the index. This page serves as an link to topical pages relating to these subjects which are listed as they are created in the Index, below.
Special - here is a link to our very long time associate and artist Dana Lombardy's full selection of the excellent production he is publishing {short description of image}.

The content of our multiple web sites has expanded so much we are now creating separate tables with indexs to individual subjets. So far we have index tables, for for material on Russia, China, Military museums, Voroshilov Academy lectures, Classical Greek Warfare, Political Economy. We plan to move much of the remaining material into similar topical indices.

American History
Russian- Ukrainian Military Museums,
U.S. Military Museums
Voroshilov General Staff Academy,
Sir Aurel Stein in Central Asia
Greek war,
Military Miniatures - coming
Roman War- coming ASAP
Political Economy

Please download these file periodically to keep current with new changes. In the indices are links to descriptions of some of our products including previously published articles and historical materials developed during our visits to Russia,Central Asis, Ukraine or China.

We are currently writing commentary on two excellent books by Ali Jalali on the military history of Afghanistan. {short description of image}and {short description of image}
With much more historical material available than we have room for at this web site, we do appreciate recommendations and responses about what you find useful. Our email address is nevski636@gmail.com -

In addition to the site INDICES linked above we have a page - xenophoncontent - that has links to some of the content that may be of special interest.

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Above we have the front and rear views of a special military model of a Russian grenadier officer of the Lief-Kompanii of Kavalegard of the reign of Elizabeth made by Dave Kennedy, painted by Ron Wherman and in the Xenophon collection.
Special notice: Here is the stunning web site of the State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg link. Among the many items on display are a gorgeous bakterets and other arms and armor. Another interesting web page is the index of Russian museums at museums. We will be adding direct links to some marvelous collections of photography by Russian photographers, so check the index.

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