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This map from Beskrovni's atlas shows the names of the Russian commanders and number of troops in the various sectors. It also shows the names and strength of the Allied groups. As on the other map, note that the Russian defense line crosses between Bastion 3 and Battery 5 to the east and Bastion 4 to the west, within a few yards of the head of South bay. Thr Russian bastions were numbered from east to west. The final successful Allied (French Zouave) assault captured the Makakov kurgan, thus exposing the entire harbor to fire. Malakov Kurgan is the name of the hill - the stone fortress tower there is the Kornilov tower. At this point the Russians evacuated the city by crossing on a pontoon bridge to the north side.c The Bastion 4 (called the Flagstaf bastion) is now the location of the Panorama Museum. See the Simpson painting of the French Attack.


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