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Karl von Clausewitz


Translated by O. J. Matthjs Jolles, Forward by Col. Joseph Greene, The Modern Library, N.Y.,1941, 641 pgs., index, notes


Reviewer's comment: This was the standard reference on the subject until partially superseded by the new book of the same name edited by Peter Parey


Forward - Colonel Greene - This is largely an effort at an excuse for why On War was not a reference used (not to mention, taught) at the U.S. Army Command and Staff School or Army War College prior to WWII. The students were too busy studying future war to delve into the history of war.


Preface- Richard McKeon


Introduction - O. J. Matthijs Jolles


Two Notes by the Author


Book I -On the Nature of War


Book II -The Theory of War


Book III - Of Strategy in General


Book VI - The Engagement


Book V Military Forces


Book VI - Defense


Book VII - The Attack


Book VIII - Plan of a War


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