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Two imperial badges for military orders - upper right is Red Badge (Cross) of the Order of St Anne with swords with orange and black ribbon - lower left is Red Badge (Cross) of St Stanislas with swords and white and red ribbon - plus lower right is black cross for liberation of Montenegro in 1852-3 for Prince Danilo - upper left is red cross of 22 Sept 1782 with black and red ribbon
The Order of St Anne was instituted in 1735 by Duke karl Frederick of Holstein-Gottorp in commemoration of his wife, Anna Petrovna. After Crown Prince Karl Peter Ulrich of Holstein came to Russia in preparation to his becoming Emperor Peter III, the order was presented to Russian subjects. It was then officially introduced into the Russian system of orders by Emperor Paul in 1797
The Order of the White Eagle and Order of St Stanislaus came into the Russian system from Poland when they were awarded by Emperor Alexander I to persons of Polish extraction. In 1831 they were incorporated into the Russian system.


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