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Vernard Foley & Werner Soedel


Scientific American, Vol. 244 Number 4, April 1981, pgs., 148 - 186, biblography, illustrations


This excellent article is focused on the engineering and construction aspects of Greek and Roman oared warships with diagrams and illustrations of many types from the twoman -two-oar pentaconter to the 4 oared 36 man sixteen and the 6 oar - 24 man 12. The standard at the time of the Peloponnesian War was the Trireme - 6 oars 6 men - All these are per single cross section. the article also describes the use of catapults


The bibliography does not include William L Rodgers books on Greek and Roman naval Warfare and it does not discuss tactical and operational topics about the use of these warships in battles.


























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