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The Peloponnesian War


Robert Strassler - Editor

Richard Crawley - Translator

  The Free Press, NY. 1996, 711 pgs., copious maps, diagrams of the major battles, chronology, elaborate annotations, encyclopedic index, 11 informative appendices, glossary, chronology, annotated sources, and extensive bibliography. .  
  Introduction - Victor Davis Hanson  
  The editor, Robert Strassler, provides important information on the methods for creating this remarkable work  
  Book One  
  Book Two  
  Book Three  
  Book Four  
  Book Five  
  Book Six  
  Book Seven  
  Book Eight  
  Theaters of Operations in the Peloponnesian War  
  Appendix A - Alan Boegehold - Athenian Government in Thucydides  
  Appendix B - Alan Boegehold - The Athenian Empire in Thucydides
  Appendix C - Paul Cartledge - Spartan Insitutions in Thucydides  
  Appendix D - Paul Cartledge - The Peloponnesian League in Thucydides  
  Appendix E - Robert Strassler - The Persians in Thucydides  
  Appendix F - Victor Davis Hanson - Land Warfare in Thucydides  
  Appendix G - Nicolle Hirschfeld - Trireme Warfare in Thucydides  
  Appendix H - William F. Wyatt - Dialects and Ethnic groups in Thucydides  
  Appendix I - Gregory Crane - Religious Festivals in Thucydides  
  Appendix J - Thoman R. Martin - Classical Greek Currency in Thucydides  
  Appendix K - Thoman R. Martin - Calendars and Dating Systems in Thucydides  

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