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Robert Strassler - Editor
John Marincola - Translator


Pantheon Books, NY., 2009, pgs, extensive maps, index, elaborate footnotes, annotations, 16 appendices, - Intoduction by David Thomas


Inroduction - David Thomas

Professor Thomas sucinctly describes the background, the years 480 - 411, in which Athens and Sparta first successfully defended Greece from the Persian Empire and then conducted fratricidal war between them with Persia seeking to take advantage where ever it can. He then notes that Xenophon (like Herodotus) presumes his readers know so much and therefore he leaves out information that we need. He supplies a summary outline of the period. He provides important information about Xenophon and his other works. Fifteen written works have been ascribed (or not) to Xenophon and have reached us. Considering how many works of other ancient authors are lost, this is remarkable itself. Probably the most well known today are the Cyropaedia and the Anabasis. Professor Thomas also compares Xenophon to Thucydides and other authors including Ephorus and Diodorus Siculus.


Editor's Preface - Robert Strassler


Book One: The Final Years of the Peloponnesian War, 411-406 B.C.


Book Two: Aigospotamoi; The Thirty at Athens, 406-403


Book Three: Spartan Military Operations in Asia, 401-395


Book Four: Spartan Victories on Land, Defeat at Sea, 395-388


Book Five: Sparta at the Height of its Power, 388-375


Book Six: Thebes Defeats Sparta and Invades Laconia, 375-369


Book Seven: The Great Battle of Mantineia Decides Nothing, 369-362


Appendix A - Peter Krentz - The Arginousai Affair


Appendix B - Peter Krentz - The Athenian Government and the Oligarchy of the Thirty


Appendix C - David Thomas - Chronological Problems in the Continuation


Appendix D - Christopher Tuplin - Persia in Xenophon's Hellenika


Appendix E - Paul Cartledge - Spartan Government and Society


Appendix F - Paul Cartledge - The Spartan Army and the Battle of Leuctra


Appendix G - Paul Cartledge - Agesilaos


Appendix H - P. J. Rhodes - Political Leagues (Other than Sparta's)


Appendix I - Thomas R. Martin - Units of Distance, Currency and Capacity in Xenophon's Hellenika


Appendix J - Christopher Blackwell - Ancient Greek Religion in the Time of Xenophon


Appendix K - Nicole Hirschfeld - Trireme Warfare in Xenophon's Hellenika


Appendix L - John W. I. Lee - Land Warfare in Xenophon's Hellenika


Apendix M - Skyler Balbus et al. - Brief Biographies of Important Characters


Appendix N - David Thomas - Compositional Theories of Xenophon's Hellenika


Appendix O - Peter Green translator - Selections from the Histories of Diodorus Siculus


Appendix P - John Marincola translator - Selected fragments of the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia


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