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William Ledyard Rodgers


Subtitle: A Study of Strategy, Tactics and Ship Design frm Salamis (480 B.C.) to zctium (31 B.C.) Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 1964, 555 pgs., index, maps, bibliograhy, diagrams


Reviewer Comment:
This is a detailed study of naval warfare, the equivalent of Victor Hanson's studies of Greek hoplite warfare.






I Objectives of Naval Warfare


II Greco-Persian War - Marathon - Appendix - Types of rowing ships


III Greco-Persian Wars - Salamis and Mycale


Appendix I Aeschylus' account of Salamis


Appendix II The forces employed


IV Peloponnesian War


V Dionysius - Sicily and Carthage


VI The Pentere and its Oars


VII Exercises and Strategems of the Greek Fleets


VIII Alexander's Naval Campaigns


IX Naval Wars of Alexander's Successors


Appendix I The great ships of Demetrius aned Ptolemy


Appendix 2 Cost of wars at end of fourth century B.C.


X First Punic War


XI - Second Punic War


XII - War of Rhodes and Pergamum against Macedon


XIII War of Rome and Antiochus


XIV Naval Warfare in the First Century B.C.


XV Naval Wars of Caesar 49 - 45 B.C.


XVI Campaign of Philippi, 42 B.C.


XVII Sicilian War, 38-36 B.C.


Appendix Agrippa's ships


XVIII Campaign of Actium 31 B.C.


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