The young Napleon could strike quite a dramatic pose. The painting by Zubov is in the Xenophon collection. We also have paintings of Marshals Ney and Murat.


So far we have several of the entries in the 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica. - French Revolutionary War - Napoleon career - Penninsula War and an appraisal of his campaigns. We have included links to the West Point atlas of Napoleonic Wars on line. The maps in the Encyclopedia Britannica are naturally in black and white and not of such high caliber, nevertheless we have included some here for quick reference. - Map 175, 186, 189, 198, 201, 233, 235, 236, 238, 240, 242, 245, 247 And we have a full section including chronology and lengthy studies of Napoleon's 1812 Campaign in Russia in the section on Borodino.


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