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Bell, UH - 1B Iroquois gunship, with XM-26 TOW, 1972, speed 138 mph

Bell (model 204) UH-1B Iroquois, gunship, quad M-60 MG and rockets or 30&50 cal MG and 20 - 40mm grenade launchers. The HU-1A began as a utility transport designed in 1954 with prototype flown 1956 as the first U.S. Army heliocopter with turbine eengine, It was called Iroquois HU-1A in March 1959 with 860 hp Lycoming T53-L-1 engine, rotor 44', length 44' 7", speed 148 mph, range 382 miles - crew of 2 and 8 troops with 2 7.62 machine guns, The Armed HU-1A was in action in October 1962 in VietNam with 2 machine guns and 16 rockets. The model !B began in June 1959 with production in 1960 and in action also in October 1962 with 4 machine guns and 2 containers of rockets.


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