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Mark Spitznagel


Subtitle: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World, Wiley, NYC, 2013, 332 pgs., index, endnotes.


Reviewer Comment - This is a very difficult book, but because it is crammed with unusual concepts. It is important and worth study. The author does digress into many tangents that will help with understanding. The author's purpose is to develop a practical method for individual investors to apply Austrian School economic concepts to investing today. In the process he also presents a devistating critique of the falicies of Keynesian economics and the disasterous results we experience now due to the FED and government application of Keynes's concepts to manipulate the market.




Chapter One - The Daoist Sage


Chapter Two - The Forest in the Pinecone


Chapter Three - SHI


Chapter Four - The Seen and the Foreseen


Chapter Five - UMWEG


Chapter Six - Time Preference


Chapter Seven - "The Market is a Process"


Chapter Eight - Homeostasis


Chapter Nine - Austrian Investing 1: The Eagle and the Swan


Chapter Ten - Austrian Investing II - Siegfried


Epilogue: Of the Boreal Forest


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