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Maurice de Saxe

Trans. Thomas Phillips, The Military Service publishing Co., Harrisburg, Penn., 1944, 122 pgs., illustrations


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Chapter I - Raising Rroops


Chapter II - Clothing Troops


Chapter III Feeding Troops-


Chapter IV - Pay of Troops


Chapter V - Drill


Chapter VI - Forming Trops for Combat


Chapter VII - Formation of the Legion


Chapter VIII Artillery, Small Arms-


Chapter IX - Infantry Formation


Chapter X - Cavalry in General


Chapter XI - Cavalry Arms and Eqipment


Chapter XII - Cavalry Organization


Chapter XIII - Combined Operation


Chapter XIV - Army in Column


Chapter XV - Use of Small Arms


Chapter XVI - Colors or Standards


Chapter XVII - Artilery and Transport


Chapter XVIII - Military Discipline


Chapter XIX - Defense of Places


Chapter XX - War in General


Chapter XXI - How to Construct Forts


Chapter XXII - Mountain Warfare


Chapter XXIII - River Crossings


Chapter XXIV - Different Situations


Chapter XXV - Lines and Entrenchments


Chapter XXVI - Observations on Polybius


Chapter XXVII - Attack on Entrenchments


Chapter XXVIII - Advantages of Redoubts


Chapter XXIX- Spies and Guides


Chapter XXX - Signs to be Watched


Chapter XXXI - The General Commanding


Chapter XXXII - Pitched Battles Opposed


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