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Alan Greenspan


Subtitle: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting - Penguin Press, NYC., 2013, 388 pgs., index, end notes, appendices, many charts and tables


Reviewer Comment - The book was reviewed by Burton Malkiel in the WSJ 22 Oct. 2013 It is his memoir about his term as chairman of the FED and his views of the financial collapse of 2008. It is about risk assessment and forcasting




Chapter 1 - Animal spirits


Chapter 2 - The Crisis Begins, Intensifies and Abates


Chapter 3 - The Roots of Crisis


Chapter 4 - Stock Prices and Equity Stimulus


Chapter 5 - Finance and Regulation


Chapter 6 - Schooner Intelligence and Then Some


Chapter 7 - Uncertainty Undermines Investment


Chapter 8 - Productivity: The Ultimate Measure of Economic Success


Chapter 9 - Productivity and the Age of Entitlements


Chapter 10 - Culture


Chapter 11 - The Onset of Globaliztion, Income Inequality, and the Rise of the Gini and the Crony


Chapter 12 - Money and Inflation


Chapter 13 - Buffers


Chapter 14 - The Bottom Line


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