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Victor Hanson (ed)


Subtitle: from the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome, Princeton Univ. Press, 2010, 265pgs., index, paperback


Reviewer comments - This is a selection of ten essays by various authors on specific topics related to strategy or strategic thought during the period indicated. The authors are listed with their chapters.


Victor Hanson - Introduction


Tom Holland - From Persia with Love


Donald Kagan - Pericles, Thucydides, and the Defense of Empire


David Berkey - Why Fortifications Endure


Victor Hanson - Epaminondas the Theban and the Doctrine of Preemptive War


Ian Worthington - Alexander the Great, Nation Building, and the Creation and Maintenance of Empire


John Lee - "Urban Warfare in the Classical Greek World


Susan Mattern - Counterinsurgency and the Enemies of Rome


Barry Strauss - Slave Wars of Greece and Rome


Adrian Goldsworthy - Julius Caesar and the General as State


Peter Heather - Holding the Line- Frontier Defense and the Late Roman Empire


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