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Beatrice Heuser


Subtitle: Thinking War from Antiquity to the Present, Cambridge Univ. Press Cambridge, 2010, 578 pgs., index, bibliography , paperback


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Part I Introduction


Chapter 1 What is strategy?


Part II Long-term constants


Chapter 2 - Warfare and mindsets from Antiquity to the Middle Ages


Chapter 3 -Warfare and mindsets in early modern Europe


Chapter 4 - Themes in early thinking about Strategy


Part III The Napoleonic paradigm and Total War


Chapter 5 - The age and mindset of the Napoleonic paradigm


Chapter 6 - The Napoleonic paradigm transformed


Chapter 7 - Challenges to the Napoleonic paradigm versus the culmination of Total war


Part IV Naval and maritime Strategy


Chapter 8 - Long-term trends and early maritime Strategy


Chapter 9 - The age of steam to the First World War


Chapter 10 - The World Wars and their lessons for maritime Strategies


Chapter 11 - Maritime Strategy in the Nuclear Age


Part V - Airpower and nuclear Strategy


Chapter 12 - War in the third dimension


Chapter 13 - Four schools of air power


Chapter 14 - Nuclear Strategy


Part VI Asymmetric or 'small' wars


Chapter 15 -From partisan warfare to people's war


Chapter 16 - Counterinsurgency


Part VII The quest for new paradigms after the World Wars


Chapter 17 - Wars without victories, victories without peace


Chapter 18 -No end of history: the dialectic continues


Chapter 19 - Epilogue: Strategy making versus bureaucratic politics


Chapter 20 - Summaries and conclusions


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