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Michael Hudson


College Publications, World Economics Association, {short description of image}2015, 151 pgs., diagrams, paperback


Reviewer comment: This is a very important study of the reality of the finance industry today - and its direct role in one of the central struggles thoughout human history - that between creditors and debtors. I have not found another author who describes the current real financial situation in such stark terms. The author has published articles and books about this and organized seminars and meetings. This explains why in the Forbes annual magazine issues that list the world's billionaires and the 400 most wealthy Americans with the sources of their wealth the majority of the Americans obtained this via financial manipulation, hedge funds, private investment, and similar activities.


Chapter 1 - Finance as warfare


Chapter 2 - Piketty vs. the classical economic reformers


Chapter 3 - Incorporating the rentier sectors into a financial model with Dirk Bezemer


Chapter 4 - From the Bubble economy to debt deflation and privatization


Chapter 5 - How economic theory came to ignore the role of debt


Chapter 6 - The use and abuse of mathematical economics


Chapter 7 - U.S. 'quantittive easing' is fracturing the global economy

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Michael Hudson - ... and forgive them their debts

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Kaufman, Henry - Tectonic Shifts in Financial Markets

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