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Martin Jacques


Subtitle: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global order, The Penguin Press, N.Y., 2009, 550 pgs., index, notes, maps, figures


Reviewer Comment:


1 The changing of the Guard


I - The End of the Western World


2 - The Rise of the West


3 - Japan - Modern But Hardly Western


4 - China's Ignominy


5 - Contested Modernity


II The Age of China


6 - China as an Economic Superpower


7 - A Civilization-State


8 - The Middle Kingdom Mentality


9=China's own Backyard


10 - China as a Rising Global Power


11 - When China Rules the World


12 - Concluding Remarks: The Eight Differences that Define China


Appendix - The Overseas Chinese


Guide to Further Reading


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