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Baron de Jomini

Trans: G. H. Mendell and W. P. Craighill, Greenwood Pess, Westport. Conn, 1862, reprinted, 179 pgs., index


Reviewer's Comments: Note the date of the original translation from the French, at West Point during the Civil War, of course many cadets already read it in French. This edition is very much more comprehensive than the summary printed during WWII. Each Chapter is divided into Articles, of which the total is 47. Baron Jomini states that he will skip the 5th and 6th parts of the Art of War. His thoughts on Statesmanship and on Strategy are most interesting today.


Summary - Definitions of the Art of War - "The Art of war consists of six distinct parts:
1 Statesmanship in its relation to war
2 Strategy or the art of properly directing masses upon the theater of war, either for defense or for invasion
3 Grand Tactics
4 Logistics, or the art of moving armies
5 Engineering, the attack and defense of fortifications
6 Minor Tactics."


Chapter I The Relation of Diplomacy to War


Chapter II - Military Policy


Chapter III - Strategy


Chapter IV - Grand Tactics and Battles


Chapter V - Several Operations of a Mixed Character, which are Partly in the Domain of Strategy and Partly of Tactics


Chapter VI - Logistics, or the Practical Art of Moving Armies


Chapter VI - Formation and Employment of Troops for Battle








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