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Daniel Steadman Jones


Subtitle: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2012,. 418 pgs., index, notes, timeline, abbreviations


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Chapter 1 - The Postwar Settlement


Chapter 2 - The 1940's: The Emergence of the Neoliberal Critique


Chapter 3 - The Rising Tide: Neoliberal Ideas in the Postwar Period


Chapter 4 - A Transatlantic Network: Think Tanks and the Cold War Entrepreneurs


Chapter 5 - Keynesianism and the Emergence of Monetarism, 1945-71


Chapter 6- Economic Strategy: The Neoliberal Breakthrough, 1971-84


Chapter 7 - Neoliberalism Applied? The Transformatin of Affordable Housing and Urban Policy in the United Sates and Britain, 1945-2000


Chapter 8 - Conclusion - The Legacy of Transatlantic Neoliberalism: Faith-Based Policy


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