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Robert T. Kiyosaki


Full title - Rich Dad's Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, that the poor and Middle Class do not! - Plata, Scotsdale, AZ., 2012, 470 pgs., paperback


Reviewer comments -
This book is a follow on to the author's original Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is mostly a motivational book, the author slowly develops the concepts for learning how to become wealthy by leading the reader through the steps one has to master while repeatedly asking - are ou interested and willing to make the effort? - Then he presents a basic primer course that descrbies some of the actual tasks. The style is mostly a conversation between the author, as he is becoming an adult, with his 'rich dad' and then, as a successful adult, with others. These include students in his seminars and other experienced investors. The content is a bit repititons on purpose to drill the fundamentals into the reader. The author reveals that he has become a successful and wealthy business man who can retire from daily work since his 'money is making money' for him. Rather than do nothing useful, he is devoting his time now to education of as many people as possible in how to become wealthy. He writes these books, gives lectures, creates seminars, and designs 'games' as teaching vehicles.
The chapter titles serve as an outline of the contents.




Phase One - Are you Mentally Preapred to be an Investor?


Chapter One - What Should I Invest In?


Chapter Two - Pouring a Foundation of Wealth


Chapter Three - The Choice


Chapter Four - What Kind of World Do You See?


Chapter Five - Why Investing Is Confusing


Chapter Six - Investng Is a Plan, Not a Product or Procedure


Chapter Seven - Are You Planning to Be Rich, or Ary You Planning to be Poor?


Chapter Eight - Getting Rich Is Automatic, If You Have a Good Plan and Stick to It


Chapter None _ How Can You Find the Plan Taht is Right for You?


Chapter Ten - Decide Now What You Want to Be When You Grow Up


Chapter Eleven - Each Plan Has a Price


Chapter Twelve - Why Investing Isn't Risky


ChapteThorteen - On Which Side of the Table Do You Want To Sit?


Chapter Fourteen - Basic Rules for Investing


Chapter Fifteen - Reduce Risk Through Financial Literary


Chapter Sixteen - Financial Literacy Made Simple


Chapter Seventeen - The Magic of Mistakes


Chapter Eighteen - What Is the Price of Becoming Rich?


Chapter Nineteen - The 90/10 Riddle


Phase Two - What Type of Investor Do you Want to Become?


Chapter Twenty - Solving the 90/10 Riddle


Chapter Twenty-One - Categories of Investors


Chapter Twenty- Two - The Accredited Investor


Chapter Twenty-Three - The Qualified Investor


Chapter Twenth-Four - The Sophisticated Investor


Chapter Twenty- Five - The Inside Investor


Chapter Twenty - Six - The Ultimate Investor


Chapter Twenty-Seven - How to Get Rich Slowly


Chapter Twenty- Eight - Keep Your Day Job and Still Become Rich


Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Enrepreneural Spirit


Phase Three - How Do You Build a Strong Business?


Chapter Thirty - Why Build a Business?


Chapter Thirty-One - The B-I Triangle


Chapter Thirty - Two - Cash Flow Management


Chapter Thirty- Three - Communications Management


Chapter Thirty-Four - Systems Management


Chapter Thirty-Five - Legal Management


Chapter Thirty-Six - Product Management


Phase Four - Who is a Sophisticated Investorf?


Chapter Thirty-Seven - How a Sophisticated Investor Thinks


Chapter Thirty-Eight - Analyzing Investments


Chapter Thirty- None - The Ultimate Investor


Chapter Forty - Are You the Next Billionaire?


Chapter Forty-One - Why Do Rich People Go Bankrupt?


Phase Five - Giving It Back


Chapter Forty-Two - Are You Prepared to Give Back?




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