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Stanley Kurtz


Sub-Title: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to pay for the Cities -Sentinel, NY., 2012, 221 pgs., index, end notes, glossary


Reviewer Comment - This is one of the most important books on the radical progressive agenda. It is all the more significant because the focus is on a relatively little known but far- reaching objective. And the agenda is hidden from public view by use of a variety of confusing terms. It combines the objectives of the egalitarians and environmentalists. The radical egalitarians seek all possible means to reduce the practical results of differences in wealth. A favorite method of course is to tax wealth to re-distribute it to the 'poor'. In this case that will be accomplished by forcing the residents of suburbs to shift real estate taxes to the central cities. The environmentalists seek to eliminate what they call 'sprawl' that is expansion of homes and businesses out of central cities. They seek to eliminate any perceived advantages families might have by living in suburbs. Both groups and liberal politicians also want to increase the density of populations in cities and reduce it outside cities as a means of easier control of voters.


Mr. Kurtz describes President Obama's career from its earliest days in Chicago and names the many individuals who were his mentors and promoters in the broad Alinstyite movement. He has organized the content to show the close and continuous ties between Obama and the leaders of the 'regionalization' effort. Obama has been a major leader in this movement since early in his career in Chicago and the Alinskyite leaders have been major supporters of his political advancement.


Chapter One -=Abolish the Suburbs


Chapter Two - Manhattanizing America


Chapter Three - In Up to His Eyeballs


Chapter Four - Saul Alinsky Radical


Chapter Five - A Suburb of the Mind


Chapter Six - Redistribution Revolution


Chapter Seven - Fooled, Ruled and Schooled


Chapter Eight - Obama in a New Light




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