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Christopher Lawrence

Aberdeen Books, Sheridan CO, 2015, 1651 pgs., index, illustrations, many full maps, 32 German aerial reconnaissance photos, 29 Soviet General Staff maps in full fold out format, appendices, bibliography, tables, charts, statistics


This is an incredible publishing event, 32 years in preparation by the author and team that had special access to Soviet Military Archives and interviews with Soviet veterans and historians. Plus he made full use of the captured German archives and those in Germany. The content is limited to a deep analysis of the southern front during the battle around Kursk, but it includes also the air war, not usually included in books. Well there are no similar books, and most rely on copying each other.


Forward - Niklas Zetterling


Preface - Kursk Data Base




Chapter One - Preparing for the Show down


Chapter Two - The Soviets Prepare


Chapter Three - The Armies Line up


Chapter Four - The Battle Plans


Chapter Five - The Germans Move up 1-4 July 1943


Chapter Six - The Air War up through 7 July


Chapter Seven - Breaching the First Line - 5 July


Chapter Eight - Exploiting the Breakthrough 6 July


Chapter Nine - Attacking the Second Defensive Line 7 July


Chapter Ten - The Air War continues 8 - 9 July


Chapter Eleven - The Advance Continues 8 July


Chapter Twelve - The XLVIII Panzer Corps Heads West 9 - 11 July


Chapter Thirteen - The Advance to Prokhorovka 9 - 12 July


Chapter Fourteen - A lewss Inrense Air War Continues 10 -18 July


Chapter Fifteen - The Soviet Counter attacks against the Left Wing - 12 July


Chapter Sixteen - The Battle of Prokhovoroka 12 July


Chapter Seventeen - SS Panzer Corps Attack Stalls - 13 July


Chapter Eighteen - Soviet Counter attacks against the Right Wing 12 - 13 July


Chapter Nineteen - Aftermath of Prokhorovka 13 July


Chapter Twenty - The Battle of Tolstoye Woods 13-15 July


Chapter Twenty-one - Clearing up the Donets Triangle 14 -1 5 July


Chapter Twenty -two - The Battlefield is Quiet 16-17 july


Chapter Twenty-three - The German Withdrawal - 18-24 July


Chapter Twenty-four - Post Mortem


Chapter Twenth-five - The Soviet Offensives on Belgorod and Kharkhov 3 - 23 August


Chapter Twenty-six - Through Kiev to Berlin


Chapter Twenty-seven - The Collapse of National Socialism and Communism


Appendix I - German and Soviet Terminology


Appendix II - What if the Germans had attacked in May?


Appendix III - Statistics and Analysis of the Battle


Appendix IV - Air Campaign Statistics


Appendix V - The German Commanders


Appendix VI - The Soviet Commanders


Appendix VII - A History of the Histories









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