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Edward N. Luttwak


The Belknap Press of Harvard Univ. Cambridge, 2009, 498 pgs., index, works cited, notes, maps, glossary


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Part I - The Invention of Byzantine Strategy


Chapter 1 - Attila and the Crisis of Empire


Chapter 2 - The Emergence of the New Strategy


Part II - Byzantine Diplomacy: The Myth and the Methods


Chapter 3 -Envoys


Chapter 4 - Religion and Statecraft


Chapter 5 - The Uses of Imperial Prestige


Chapter 6 - Dynastic Marriages


Chapter 7 - The Geography of Power


Chapter 8 - Bulghars and Bulgarians


Chapter 9 - The Muslim Arabs and Turks


Part III - The Byzantine Art of War


Chapter 10 - The Classical Inheriance


Chapter 11 - The Strategikon of Maurikios


Chapter 12 - After the Strategikon


Chapter 13 -Leo VI and Naval Warfare


Chapter 14 - The Tenth-Century Military Renaissance


Chapter 15 - Strategic Maneuveres: Herakleios Defeats Persian


Conclusion: Grand Strategy and the Byzantine "Operational Code"


Appendix: Was Strategy Feasible in Byzantine Times?


Emperors from Constantine I to Constantine XI


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