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Edward N. Luttwak


Subtitle: The Logic of War and Peace, The Belknap Press, Harvard Univ. Cambridge, 1987, index, notes, works cited


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Part I. The Logic of Strategy


Chapter 1 - The Conscious use of Paradox in War


Chapter 2 - The Logic of Action


Chapter 3 - Efficiency and the Culminating Point of Success


Chapter 4 - The Comiong Together of Opposites


Part II The Levels of Strategy


Chapter 5 - The Technical Level


Chapter 6 - The Tactical Level


Chapter 7 - The Operational Level


Chapter 8 - Theater Strategy I: Military Options and Political Choices


Chapter 9 - Theater Strategy II: Defensive Formats and Guerrilla Option


Chapter 10 - Theater Srrategy III: Interdiction and Surprise Attack


Chapter 11 - Nonstrategies: Naval, Air, Nuclear


Part III Outcomes: Grand Strategy


Chapter 12 - The Scope of Grand Strategy


Chapter 13 - Armed Suasion


Chapter 14 - Harmony and Disharmony in War


Chapter 15 - Can Strategy Be Useful?


1 Definitions of Strategy
2 The Soviet Army: A Note
3 NATO, the Soviet Army, and Other Warsaw Pact Armies


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